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    10 Ways To Know You're An Only Child

    Party of one, please.

    1. Sharing food... / Via

    Excuse me, if you wanted that pasta dish, you should have ordered it.

    2. Getting away with anything... / Via

    Thanks for nothing, Birth Order.

    3. Meeting other only children...

    4. Walking into any room... / Via

    Is this mic on?

    5. When people tell you a situation doesn't concern you...

    6. Being asked to do something you don't want to do...

    7. Knowing how to maximize "alone time..." / Via

    Haters gonna HATE.

    8. Hearing people talk about how big their families are...

    9. Turning your friends into your siblings... / Via

    I love you like you love me, right?

    10. Responding to stereotypes about only children...