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17 Incredible Yurt Getaways For When You Need Some Chill Vibes

Yurt so good.

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Let's start from the very beginning: This is a yurt.

Flickr: bernd_thaller

Traditionally, yurts are round, portable dwellings covered in felt and supported by a lattice of expanding wood. They've been an integral part of Central Asian culture for thousands of years, and many nomads in Central Asia, primarily in Mongolia, actually live in them today.

But while staying in a traditional Central Asian yurt would be amazing, you can also rent modern yurts in other parts of the world. Here are 17 magical ones on Airbnb — both in the U.S. and abroad — that it definitely wouldn't ~yurt~ to try.


2. This Poconos yurt:

Located about 1/4 of a mile from the owner's family farm, this yurt is completely off-grid — there's no electricity, and no running water. Instead, there's an outhouse, the owners supply solar-powered lights, and there's a firepit, so you can truly get the camping vibe (but with beds!).

Book it here for $110 a night.

3. This Sonoma County yurt:

Right in the heart of the wine vineyards and fields of Sonoma County, this hippied out Airbnb truly is a zen retreat. The smell of eucalyptus and redwood trees wafts around the yurt, and guests even get access to the main cottage home (which also happens to have a rad meditation loft).

Book it here for $105 a night.

4. This Malibu yurt:

There's more to this Airbnb than just beautiful natural light. It's actually a certified organic farm, and the owners cook their guests homemade farm-to-table organic meals — there's even freshly-brewed coffee available every morning. To add to the funky vibe, it's decorated with Southwest Navajo artifacts, and the floors are made from bamboo.

Book it here for $165 a night.

5. This Blue Ridge Mountain yurt:

One of the coolest parts about this yurt is that it's located right near the owners' barn, so you can hear all sorts of crazy/weird animal noises throughout your stay. Also of note: You have access to a shared saltwater pool, and the yurt has lots of amenities: gas grill, firepit, HD TV, and more. Whether or not you choose to use them is up to you!

Book it here for $185 a night.


6. This Los Angeles yurt:

Pretty much the antithesis of Hollywood, this SoCal yurt is a throwback to southern California's more bohemian days. Essentially a hippie oasis smack dab in the middle of LA, the property around the yurt is filled with avocado trees, lemon trees, hammocks, a firepit, and last but not least, some chill AF vibes.

Book it here for $85 a night.

7. This Columbian Gorge yurt:

Located in the pine and oak woods of White Salmon in Washington state, this beautiful little blue yurt is perfect for a rustic, forest-y retreat. Guests also have access to the owner's barn, where there's an amazing private bathroom as well. And the town of White Salmon is cute, too, with lots of local restaurants and shops.

Book it here for $80 a night.

8. This Hawaiian yurt:

Live that ~aloha~ life in this uber eco rainforest yurt on the Big Island. Unlike closeby Waikiki, which is filled with noise and pollution, this nature oasis is filled with beautiful, fresh flowers — and even edible plants. The property is "semi off-grid," which means it has solar plumbing, but still has conventional electric power. Bonus: The surrounding town, Pahoa Town, was voted one of the "coolest small American towns" by Budget Travel in 2014.

Book it here for $65 a night.

9. This Santa Barbara yurt:

A bit more luxurious than some of the others, this yurt has a ridiculous ocean view, plus a sunny, light-filled interior that's definitely worth 'gramming. It's also attached to a small house with a master bedroom and bathroom. Also of note: The yurt is actually next to former President Ronald Reagan's "western white house," which he named because he spent so much time there.

Book it here for $250 a night.


10. This Spanish yurt:

Start with the fact that you're staying in beautiful Andalusia, which is a sunny region on the southern coast of Spain. And then add to that the fact that the yurt itself is completely magical, set on the property of a 350-year old Spanish farmhouse. It's also complete with a clear blue pool, bright and tall wildflowers, loads of olive and almond groves, and a cool, funky interior.

Book it here for $61 a night.

11. And this Spanish yurt, too:

Also located in Andalusia, this yurt has a beautiful terrace that's perfect for romantic, southern-Spain meals. The owners also offer spa services — massages and Chakra balancing, to name a few — and they also teach yoga classes and sell homemade vegetarian meals for those so inclined.

Book it here for $67 a night.

12. This Czech yurt:

Located in a small village in the Czech Republic called Chlum, this airy, light-filled yurt is the perfect place to escape it all and do some serious easy-breezy relaxation overseas. If you get tired of prancing around, there are lots of activities in the area, including hiking, fishing, horse riding, and cycling.

Book it here for $56 a night.


13. This British yurt:

This yurt is located right in the heart of London, but you'd never know it, given its totally rustic vibe. But it's true: Those Persian rugs and that woodburning stove are indeed jsut a two-minute walk from the London underground; 25 minutes from Picadilly Circus — i.e. the perfect urban retreat.

Book it here for $145 a night.

14. And this British yurt, too:

This yurt is right on a small organic farm, and is also part of a local community. You can be a recluse if you want, but if you'd like to take part in the social aspect of your stay, the other yurters in the community gather in a local school bus down the road to cook and mingle. There's also a small local market town just four miles down the road (about an hour's walk) called Llanidloes, where there are lots of pubs and cute shops to visit.

Book it here for $91 a night.

15. This French yurt:

Nestled deep in the Bauges Mountains — a range in the east of France — this Airbnb is perfect for chilling out and appreciating the French countryside. There are also lots of activities nearby, like mountain biking, climbing, and skiing, if you're into that. And, of course, you can (and should) always head into town for some delicious local cheese.

Book it here for $72 a night.

16. This German yurt:

Situated in Dresden, in the state of Saxony, this German yurt has gorgeous views of the surrounding forest, yet it's close enough to the city that you don't have to too remote if you don't want to be. The bathroom and kitchen are in the attached house, and guests get direct and private access to them.

Book it here for $50 a night.

17. And this German yurt, too:

Talk about a wanderlust-y situation: The owners of this yurt, in Bavaria, Germany, have decorated it entirely with trinkets and artifacts from their travels around the world. Plus, they also give their guests access to their garden, their pool, and their bikes — so you can explore the Bavarian area at your leisure.

Book it here for $32 a night.