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    27 Happy Gifts For People Who Love Jamaica

    ♫ Don't worry about a thing, 'cause every little gift is gonna be alright. ♫

    1. This pretty print of the Blue Mountains:

    Get it here for $40 (cost varies depending on size).

    2. And this true taste of the Blue Mountains:

    Blue Mountain coffee = legit. Get it here for $33.

    3. This map necklace:

    Get it here for $17.

    4. This mug that pretty much says it all:

    Get it here for $18.

    5. This Calabash wooden bowl:

    Calabash is a vine that's harvested and then used as a bowl, utensil or pipe. It's very popular in Jamaica! Get it here for $35 (or more, depending on size).

    6. A large supply of this Jamaican staple:

    Get a 24-pack here for $49. And pair it with rum!

    7. This iPhone 6 case with a great reminder:

    Get it here for $49.

    8. This collection of classic reggae albums on vinyl:

    Get them here for $49, $22, and $21.

    9. And these classic books about the history of reggae music:

    Get them here for $10, $20, and $15.

    10. This tote bag:

    Get it here for $22.

    11. This wall clock:

    Get it here for $20.

    12. This Jamaican coin bracelet:

    Get it here for $27.

    13. This infinity scarf:

    Get it here for $25.

    14. This cute print:

    Get it here for $12.

    15. This Red Stripe bird feeder:

    Get it here for $30.

    16. This vintage map blanket:

    It's Jamaica in the 1970s! Get it here for $88.

    17. These hoop earrings:

    Get them here for $27.

    18. This Jamaican almond oil:

    Get it here for $20.

    19. This Bob Marley documentary:

    A must-watch for all Marley fans. Get it here for $10.

    20. This cookbook + jerk seasoning combo:

    The author's a Jamaican native, so she knows what's up. Get the book here for $15, and the traditional jerk seasoning to go with it for $10.

    21. This Three Little Birds ornament:

    Get it here for $18.

    22. This sorrel tea:

    Sorrel (i.e. hibiscus) and ginger is a really popular drink in Jamaica at Christmastime, because that's the plant flowers. Get the tea here for $30.

    23. This traditional Caribbean rum cake:

    This rum cake represents all of the Caribbean islands. Get it here for $24.

    24. A gift certificate to Airbnb, so they can stay anywhere they want in Jamaica:

    Annie Daly

    The country is filled with awesome Airbnbs! Get a gift certificate here.

    25. This Bob Marley canvas:

    Get it here for $40.

    26. This bobsledding tank:

    Get it here for $24.

    27. A donation to the Rockhouse Foundation:

    It's a non-profit organization dedicated to bettering schools for Jamaican children. Donate in someone's name here.

    BONUS: When you write your card, tell them about Radio Lily, an amazing 24/7 online reggae radio station:

    Best part: It's free! Tune in here.

    ~ONE LOVE~


    More information about the rum cake was added in #23.

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