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What's The Best Cheap Dinner You've Ever Made At A Hostel?

Winner, winner, hostel dinner.

When you're traveling, cooking your own dinners in your hostel instead of eating out all the time is a great way to save money.

Thing is, hostel kitchens only have very basic supplies (no fancy blenders), and it's better to use ingredients that work for other meals, too, so you don't throw away too much when you leave — meaning you've gotta get creative.

Perhaps you discovered that stir fries with cool local sauces are the way to go.

Flickr: kitchenwench

They're especially great for big groups, and you can even throw the leftovers into your scrambled eggs the next morning.

Or maybe you were all breakfast burritos, all the time.

Flickr: subliminal

Ain't no shame in doing breakfast for dinner. And since all of the ingredients — eggs, avocado, salsa, cheese, tortilla — are so versatile, you made a different variation on this dish for breakfast and lunch, too.

Or maybe you kept it simple and whipped up some pasta with red sauce and cheese most nights ...

Flickr: su-lin

And then you ate the leftover cheese in the morning, with the free bread the hostel gave you.

Whatever your creation, we want to hear all about it.

Annie Daly

Tell us the best cheap hostel dinner you've ever cooked in the comments below, along with why it worked so well, and you might be featured in a BuzzFeed Travel post!

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