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    Sep 22, 2015

    These Outdoorsy Explorers Will Actually Make You Want To Brave The Elements


    Allow us to introduce you to the #WomenOfOutdoors hashtag. Ladies who love being outside use it to tag photos of themselves in nature — and their pics will ~inspire~ you to get outside, too.

    Let's start with this adventurer, who's all about climbing to new heights:

    This explorer is here to remind us that bed is not the only place to curl up with a good book:

    This nature lover shows that there is literally no better medicine than sprawling out in a giant field and just ~being.~

    This yogi knows that doing the tree among the trees is always a good life choice:

    And this fearless adventurer knows that shouting from the top of a mountain is good — but doing it top-less is better.

    This trekker confirms that there is really no better combo than nice days and doggies:

    And here we see how rejuvenating it can be to wake up in nature:

    And how powerful it feels to cook your own food in nature, too:

    This biker is all about just keeping it moving:

    This hiker reminds us that, whenever possible, it's important to take the time to stare endlessly into the vast, expansive horizon:

    And if you want to document your outdoor adventures along the way, this explorer encourages you to do it up:

    Finally, when it's all said and done, all of these outdoorsy explorers remind us that sometimes you will be faced with a straight path ...

    ... and other times, it won't be as clear.

    But as long as you stay close to your roots and to nature, you'll always find pieces of natural joy along the way.

    And now we thank you, adventurers, for inspiring us all to spend more time with Mother Nature. Let's do this.

    Thumbnail credits: Flickr users Nickay3111 and Frontierofficial

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