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24 Things You'll Only Understand If You're Slightly Obsessed With Traveling

Plane ticket > everything else.

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3. Whenever you are dealing with a big crisis in your life, your gut reaction is to book a trip.

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People often accuse you of running away from your problems, but you know that, in fact, going away gives you a ~bird's eye view~ of them — so you return with a much wider and healthier perspective than you had when you left.


15. Which is why you often find yourself in random destinations around the world.

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$300 ticket to Guatemala? PURCHASE CONFIRMED. No matter that you don't know a thing about Guatemala ... YOU WILL NOW.

16. It's not the end of the world when things don't go your way.

Hey man, after all those flight delays, missed connections, uncomfortable overnight bus rides, and awkward hostel encounters, you've realized that you can't always control what happens to you — but you can control your reaction to it.


18. But you also know that, after the initial blow, you would of course be fine. More than fine.

Because you always have yourself, and that self is a conglomeration of all of the people you've met, things you've learned, sunsets and sunrises you've witnessed, and feelings you've felt along the way. So really, all your photos are a part of you anyway.

19. You always feel just a *little bit* antsy, because even though you love your home life and your foundation, you also know that there's a huge big world out there calling your name ...