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13 Amazing Things Travel Does To Your Brain

*Books next trip immediately*

Because you are a person living on this Earth, there is a 99.999999% chance that you really like taking trips.

But travel is so much more than stunning IRL sunsets and that #daydrinking life. It's also good for your mind and your soul. Here are 13 amazing effects travel has on your brain.

1. It boosts your creativity.

A recent study from the Academy of Management Journal found that people who worked overseas were more imaginative and inspired than those who stayed in the U.S. Why? It's all about cultural immersion.

"People who integrate a new culture into their identities are more creative in the long run," William Maddux, Ph.D., the study's lead author, tells BuzzFeed Life.

His logic: Doing as the locals do for an extended period of time opens up your mind, forcing you to think in different ways and bounce around between different ideas. It's a concept scientists very fancily refer to as "cognitive flexibility." And the more ~cognitively flexible~ you are, the more creative you will be.

2. It makes you more trusting.

3. It makes you a better problem-solver.

A study from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology reported that students who lived abroad were 20% more likely to solve a computer task than those who didn't travel.

Why: Simply seeing another culture for an extended period of time opens up your mind to the many ways of the world, which helps you realize that one thing can have multiple meanings.

4. And more humble, too.

5. It makes you more open to new things.

6. It makes you sharper.

7. It can help you reinvent yourself.

8. It makes you less fearful of things.

9. It makes you happier.

10. It makes you kill it at work.

11. It makes you more patient.

12. It can help you get over a loss.

When you lose something — a job, a significant other, that Skittle that fell on the floor and totally vanished — you feel like you lost a part of yourself. Of your soul. And no matter how much you search and search, it is nowhere to be found ...

13. It just makes you feel more aliiiiive!!!!

So what are you waiting for? JET SET GO!!!

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