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What's The Best Story You Have About Traveling Before The Internet?

"Meet you in two months at the Tower Bridge in London at 4 p.m."

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These days, traveling and the Internet go hand in hand.

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You use the Internet to decide where you should go, what you should do when you get there, and where you should stay. And, of course, you use it to find your friends — and to live document the entire process along the way.

And to meet up with friends, these Wi-Fi-free beings actually picked a meeting spot — say, underneath the Tower Bridge in London on August 23rd — and simply went there.

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And if their friends weren't there when they arrived? Bummer. But what can you do.

Perhaps your parents backpacked through Europe without Internet, or perhaps you're the one who roamed the lands without signal.

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Either way, there are definitely stories about how it all went down. Did your parents come up with a convoluted plan to meet up and actually manage to find each other in a huge city by some simple twist of fate? Did their parents go crazy not knowing how to get in touch with them? What lessons did they learn about the world – and about themselves?