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24 Trips That Actually Changed People's Lives

The power of a transformative trip.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the best vacation spots that helped them figure out their lives — and their answers reinforced the fact that travel can totally, completely change you as a person.

1. "My first solo trip to New York helped me think of myself as an actual adult."

2. "Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro taught me to trust that I can overcome whatever comes my way."

3. "Haiti is where I realized I wanted to become a nurse."

4. "My trip to Ecuador inspired me to volunteer with children when I got back to school."

5. "Going to Berlin made me realize I'm a city person at heart."

6. "Hiking the Camino de Santiago in Spain taught me that I really can do anything, as long as I take it one step at a time."

7. "My solo trip to Russia helped me process my father's death."

8. "Visiting my sister in Washington made me realize how important family ties are."

9. "My solo trip to Peru prepared me for parenthood."

10. "Spending time in rural Kenya boosted my self-esteem."

11. "Traveling through China by myself helped me see the inherent good in mankind."

12. "Going to Vegas with my family helped me see my dad in a new light."

13. "Studying in Ireland taught me about the beauty of true, deep friendship."

14. "Witnessing the sex trafficking in Cambodia inspired me to come home and get my master's in social work."

15. "Spending time alone in Europe helped me through the end of my marriage."

16. "Camping with my husband strengthened our relationship."

17. "Backpacking solo through Europe helped me move on after my father died."

18. "Road tripping around Israel after a breakup helped me find my sense of self again."

19. "Riding my bike across America healed my broken heart."

20. "Visiting the Ice Hotel in Sweden gave me the confidence to operate outside my comfort zone."

21. "Eat/Pray/Loving for a year in Spain actually helped me meet the love of my life."

22. "Spending time at a monastery in France taught me that we don't need technology as much as we think we do."

23. "Traveling to Korea to find my birth mother gave me a whole new family."

24. "Simply being in Norway helped me come out of my deep depression."

In the end, it's important to remember that "running away from your problems" entirely won't actually help you solve them.

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