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    39 Amazing Things That Will Make You Fall In Love With Portland, Maine

    Just because it doesn't have its own TV show ...

    1. The baked goods at Tandem.

    2. The oysters at Eventide Oyster Co.

    3. The entire seafood situation at J's Oyster.

    4. All of the beautiful and delicious creations at Central Provisions.

    5. Bard Coffee's nitro brew.

    6. The amazing tapas at Lolita.

    7. The cheap Thai at Boda after 9 p.m.

    8. All of the wonderfully wacky vegan options at Silly's.

    9. The BYOB thing at Schulte & Herr.

    10. The famous cure-all egg sandwiches at Ohno Café.

    11. All of the local chef spottings at Blue Spoon.

    12. The hot servers at Portland Hunt & Alpine Club.

    13. The legendary brunch at Bayside American Café.

    14. The homebrewed mead at Maine Mead Works.

    Mead is a boozy drink made of fermented honey and water, and this place makes it fresh. The end result is a drink called HoneyWorks. They also have free tasters!

    15. The homemade kombucha at Urban Farm Fermentory.

    16. There are so many local breweries to go brewery hopping!

    17. Like BUNKER Brewing Co.

    It's a quintessential microbrewery in a cute and tiny brick building in an industrial area of Portland. In the outdoor months, it has an awesome picnic table and corn hole set up outside, and there's often live music and food trucks. One caveat: It's usually only open Thursday through Saturday, so make it a weekend thing.

    18. And Rising Tide Brewing Co.

    19. And Oxbow Brewery.

    20. And the ones just outside the main city, too.

    21. The reliably fun events at The Great Lost Bear.

    22. The insane beer selection at Novare Res Bier Cafe.

    23. The epic 80s dance parties at Bubba's Sulky Lounge.

    24. The dark underground vibe at Bramhall.

    25. The arcade games at Arcadia National Bar.

    26. Just biking around the city and enjoying the view.

    27. The city's gorgeous sunsets.

    28. The picturesque view at Fort Williams Park.

    29. Running along the Eastern Prom.

    30. Or just chilling there with a picnic.

    Especially great in the summer!

    31. Taking a dip at East End Beach, Portland's only public beach.

    32. Renting kayaks or paddle boards from Portland Paddle and paddling around the beach.

    33. Strolling through the Old Port, Portland's downtown district.

    34. Hiking along the Presumscot River.

    35. The Portland Farmer's Market in Deering Oaks.

    36. The cute shops at the Old Port.

    37. And the awesome consignment shopping, too.

    38. The eclectic exhibits at Space Gallery.

    39. And the plays at Mayo Street Arts.

    So now you know. Next stop Portland!