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    Here's The Most Popular Taco Spot In Every State

    Definitely something to taco 'bout.

    I think we can all agree that there are some things in life that are better than others — like TACOS.

    The only question is: Where should you go to get the ultimate best one? We asked Yelp for the most popular places to get tacos in every state — which they measured using an algorithm that at the number of reviews plus the star rating for every business on Yelp.

    So here are 51 places to get amazing local tacos across the country — straight from the Yelp users who are probably just as obsessed with tacos as you are.

    1. Dragonfly Foodbar, Fairhope, Alabama

    "I had the Kung Pao Chicken and Firecracker Shrimp. The shrimp was out of this world — sweet and spicy, just the way I like it." — Yelper Sophie W.

    "By far the best seared tuna taco EVER, plus great turnip fries and Dragon's Breath hot sauce. This place also has a relaxing atmosphere — you can sit outside under the sailcloth panels and enjoy lunch with friends." — Yelper Nora B.

    2. Deckhand Dave's Fish Tacos, Juneau, Alaska

    3. Tacos Chiwas, Pheonix, Arizona

    "I knew this was legit when we saw the owner's mom making fresh tortillas. The have Horchata and Jarritos and a full salsa bar. The Chiwas taco is better than sex; it changed my life. The Lengua and Gordian are fantastic as well." — Yelper Danny H.

    4. The Social Taco, Rogers, Arkansas

    "Fresh ingredients, a great casual atmosphere, and $1 off drinks during happy hour. This place is quickly becoming my new favorite taco spot." — Yelper Aimee H.

    "These are not your typical asada tacos with cilantro and lime. Each taco has the perfect amount of flavor. You can taste the TLC that goes into creating these craft noms, right down to the quality ingredients." — Yelper Samantha F.

    5. Balam Mexican Kitchen, Lynwood, California

    "This is a hidden gem in the Lynwood area. I loved all the tacos I had: Al Pastor (pork with pineapple), Fish, and Korean Asada. The little bits of pineapple in the Al Pastor were so good. The service was great, and you can tell it's really family-orientated. Don't judge it by the outside; go in and have a few tacos." — Yelper Denise B.

    "As an avid lover of tacos, especially street tacos, Balam is a complete game changer for me. Their gourmet tacos have introduced me to a whole new type of taco." — Yelper Christine K.

    6. Taco Del Gnar, Ridgway, Colorado

    "The Avo taco (tempura fried avocados) is to die for. Actually, all of their tacos are amazing. Fresh, incredible flavors, and very reasonably priced." —Yelper Ashley U.

    "Got the Short Rib and the Tuna, and both were amazing." — Yelper Mark O.

    7. Sayulita, South Glastonbury, Connecticut

    "The Buttermilk Chicken Taco is far and away the best. Tender chicken, delicious coating and kale/bacon accompaniment." — Yelper Jason K.

    "Lobster tacos! Lobster tacos! Lobster tacos!" — Yelper Sean L.

    8. Taqueria Habanero, Washington, D.C.

    "Great vegetarian and vegan options. Anything with nopales (cactus) and mushrooms is great." — Yelper George A.

    "This is THE SPOT for tacos. They're $2.50 a pop, and bursting with flavor. Get the Al Pastor, Chorizo, or Lengua (Beef Tongue). I'd never even had beef tongue before, and it was legit AF." — Yelper Mynda K.

    9. Grab & Go Taco, Fenwick Island, Delaware

    "The vegetarian tacos offer a mix of mushrooms and peppers that have been cooked and then wrapped in a taco with cabbage, shredded cheese and that GREEN CRACK!!! Green crack = their version of guacamole." — Jarrad L.

    "Not to be missed are the blackened fish tacos with your choice of toppings. Order to takeout is lightening fast, and the staff is just great." — Yelper Paul H.

    10. Loli's Mexican Cravings, Tampa, Florida

    "The hype is real. I had the Ribeye and the Shrimp, and for my drink I had the Agua de Jamaica, which was sweet and delicious. But the Ribeye was the BEST taco I've ever had. Ever." — Yelper Alisson B.

    "Prices are low and the food is fantastic." — Yelper Matt M.

    11. El Trompo Mexican Taqueria, Alpharetta, Georgia

    "I had the Taco Tuesday special, which included four tacos and a drink for $7.50. They also had a Beer of the Month special for $2.99! Nothing like good Mexican food and a beer." — Yelper Laurette S.

    "This place is a hole in the wall — but that's a good thing. They have great tacos, great prices, and a super-friendly staff." —Yelper Lulu P.

    12. Shark Pit Maui, Lahaina, Hawaii

    "I had the Funked up Fish and the Korean Steak tacos. Mouth dancing the hula!" — Yelper Alicia C.

    "This place is a must-eat if you want great tacos in Maui. The Shrimp tacos are loaded with delicious shrimp. One of my favorites is the meatball taco. Sounds weird, but it's awesome!" — Yelper Tou L.

    13. Morenita's Mexican Restaurant & Bakery, Idaho Falls, Idaho

    "They make the tortillas, the ingredients are fresh, and it's all prepared to order. There are several sauces to choose from, too — just delicious!" — Yelper Ron D.

    "I got three tacos: A Chuche, Fish, and Ranchero. They were awesome! I wish I had more time in town to try the entire menu. It's that good." — Yelper Robert H.

    14. T & B Grill, Chicago, Illinois

    "My favorites were the Port Belly and Duck. Too yummy! They were running a special of three tacos for $9, which made it really affordable to sample the menu." — Yelper Queen K.

    "T&B makes their own cilantro and jalapeno tortillas in house. The Fish tacos were to die for, and the Shrimp taco was perfectly spicy." — Yelper Jamie A.

    15. Nada, Indianapolis, Indiana

    "The tacos were phenomenal and the highlight of the meal. You cannot go wrong with the Pork Belly. It's crispy (and slightly fatty) pork belly with cilantro, guacamole, and salsa. The combination was so much that I almost ordered another round." — Yelper Andy N.

    "At lunch, the 'taco lunchbox' includes two tacos (no mix and match option available), a side (most of which are healthy; go for the pickled cucumber salad for a refreshing crunch) and two 'almost guilt-free' donut holes." — Yelper Katie U.

    16. La Regia Taqueria, Iowa City, Iowa

    "The food is authentic and cheap, the service is fast, the staff is very friendly, and they have a variety of hot sauces for every taste bud." — Yelper Anthony D.

    "One fish taco will set you back only $2.75. Their whole menu is all reasonably priced, so you can get a good meal for under $10." — Yelper Caitlyn K.

    17. Bonito Michoacan, Olathe, Kansas

    "The restaurant is nothing fancy; it's inside a grocery store — but the food could not be any better. In order to get your food, you go through a line cafeteria style. I always get tacos al la carte. They have quite a few different meats to choose from, but my favorite is pastor (seasoned pork with pineapple and onions) topped with the traditional cilantro and onions. After receiving your meal, there is a bar with lots of different sauces to choose from. Also, make sure to pop across the street to their bakery for a sweet treat!" — Yelper Caitlin C.

    18. El Taco Luchador, Louisville, Kentucky

    19. The Rum House, New Orleans, Louisiana

    20. Taco Trio, South Portland, Maine

    "Quick service, great three for $9 taco deal, good (big) burritos, and a tasty salsa bar." — Yelper Rachel J.

    "My go-to order is one Pastor taco and one Carne Asada taco. That'll run you about $8.50, and it comes with chips and your choice of two salsas from their salsa bar." — Yelper Celeste M.

    21. Tortacos, Gaithersburg, Maryland

    "This place definitely satisfied my taco craving. I got the three taco combo that comes with chips and a drink for about $10. I tried the Al Pastor (marinated pork), Asada (grilled steak) and Lengua (beef tongue). They were all amazing!" — Yelper Carmen M.

    "The taco selection is straight to the point. Chicken, Marinated Pork, Braised Pork, Charbroiled Steak, Fish (tilapia) and Braised Beef Tongue served on corn tortillas with toppings of your choice. The toppings are self-serve radishes, cilantro, pepper sauce, and more." — Yelper Denise L.

    22. Chilacates, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts

    23. Taqueria San Jose, Grand Rapids, Michigan

    "I got 4 tacos and a horchata for under $10. I tried the goat (birria) taco, tongue (lengua) taco), asada taco, and marinated pork taco--all of them with onions and cilantro. They were all delicious and I could have eaten 4 more." — Yelper Emira R.

    "Their fresh sauces are spicy and flavorful and the meat is fall apart tender. Wrap everything up in a double layer of grilled corn tortillas with cilantro and onion." — Yelper Brandon J.

    24. Tavial Grill, Saint Paul, Minnesota

    25. The Pig & Pint, Jackson, Mississippi

    "The tacos were to die for, and the fried green tomatoes were some of the best I've ever had." — Yelper Al M.

    "This place is AMAZING. I loved the Pulled Pork tacos with mango jicama slaw, the sausage and cheese plate, the bananas foster, and the bread pudding." — Yelper Nina K.

    26. Kim Cheese, Chesterfield, Missouri

    27. El Rodeo Taco Truck, Bozeman, Montana

    "This old bus parked off Main Street has the most authentic tacos I've had on this side of the Mexican border." — Yelper Ryan C.

    "These days, everyone thinks they can make a good taco. But these are the real deal. Plus, the service is quick and friendly, and everything is priced right." —Yelper Johnny C.

    28. Taqueria Tijuana, Omaha, Nebraska

    29. El Frescos Cocina Mexicana, Las Vegas, Nevada

    "If I'm shelling out $6 for a taco, it better blow my mind. And these did. Six bucks for a taco with enough shrimp to rival what's usually in a shrimp burrito elsewhere, plus fresh avocado slices and chipotle mayo." — Yelper Stefany V.

    "Shrimp tacos, I salute thee. The shrimp used in these refreshing little pockets of heaven is actually a full-sized shrimp that's seared and chopped up on a hot surface and placed in a flour tortilla (unlike the pork kinds that came in a corn tortilla). These shrimp tacos also come covered in a cool zesty cilantro sauce with just a hint of heat." — Yelper Nate M.

    30. Lupe's 55, Hampton, New Hampshire

    "The Haddock tacos are to die for. The piece of haddock was large and flash fried to perfection." — Tia C.

    "Never thought I'd get Mexican food at a New England beach (especially when you have 1,000 seafood options!), but trust me, you will NOT be disappointed." — Yelper Daisy E.

    31. Taqueria Mi Mariachi, Jersey City, New Jersey

    "This is the closest I've come to feeling like I'm eating at a taco stand in Mexico City on the East Coast." — Yelper John F.

    "One order of tacos comes in four small individual tacos, but you can mix with two meats for two tacos each. For example, if you get one order of Al Pastor tacos, four tacos will be served for $8. But you can also order two Lengua tacos and two Pork tacos, and you get one order of a taco set for $9." —Yelper Rachel L.

    32. El Paisa, Albuquerque, New Mexico

    33. Coney Shack, Brooklyn, New York

    "This place serves Asian fusion tacos. It's one guy inside a cart parked in an alley next to a convenience store. They have all sorts of tacos available, at $3.50 each or three for $9. I went with the Beer-Battered Fish, Vietnamese Beef Cube Shortrib, and the Garlic Lemongrass Chicken I enjoyed all of them, but the fish taco was probably the best fish taco I've ever had. It was fried Asian style, with tempura for extra crispiness, and the lemongrass aioli on top was just wonderful." —Yelper Kenny C.

    34. Soul Gastrolounge, Charlotte, North Carolina

    "Pork Belly tacos were insanely good. Original and surprisingly perfect in every bite." — Yelper David G.

    "My favorite dish is hands down the Sashimi Tuna tacos. My eyes usually roll into the back of my head as I savor each bite. They just taste so fresh and smooth." — Yelper Greg P.

    35. Vinyl Taco, Fargo, North Dakota

    36. La Loma, Akron, Ohio

    37. Taqueria Sanchez, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    "Everything is seasoned perfectly. The meats are tender, and the flavor is never lacking. They're perfect, tiny little tacos for just $1 each." — Yelper Alexis A.

    "Simply amazing taco truck food. I have lived in Honduras and traveled all over Latin America for work, and I don't think that I have had better tacos anywhere. I tried the Steak, Pork, and Chicken tacos as well as the chicken burrito, and each one was as incredibly delicious as the last." —Yelper Casey P.

    38. The Spicy Spoon, Portland, Oregon

    39. South Philly Barbacoa, Philadephia, Pennsylvania

    "They only serve tacos on the weekends, and they only have two types of tacos — Lamb and Pork — so I got one of each. Both were DELICIOUS! There is also a little toppings bar so you can dress your tacos however you'd like." — Yelper Courtney H.

    "I know some will probably turn up their nose at a $4 taco. But to be fair, you get a good helping of high quality, flavorful, melt-in-your-mouth meat. The lamb tacos are godliness." —Yelper Sharon O.

    40. Tallulah's Taqueria, Providence, Rhode Island

    “It’s an order-at-the-counter space with community tables and counter seating along the windows. They also have lots of outdoor seating available for the summer. I got the Chorizo taco, which was spicy and well-seasoned, and the Fried Fish that came with slaw, crema and green sauce. Spectacular.” —Yelper Breanna B.

    “I live less than a block from Tallulah’s, and have been eating here two to three times per week for the last six months. Every 48 to 72 hours, I have to have their tacos.” — Yelper Tim S.

    41. 167 Raw, Charleston, South Carolina

    42. Tortilleria Hernandez, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

    43. The Wild Cow, Nashville, Tennessee

    44. Titas Taco House, Humble, Texas

    "They serve cafeteria style where you choose exactly what goes into each taco. You don't pay for anything until after you leave, and they tell you that if you don't like your taco, tell them and they'll make you something else for free. At minimum, you should get three tacos: Beef, Pork, and Chicken. And if they have a recommendation for the day, take them up on it." —Yelper Lyn P.

    "The tacos are phenomenal. The ever-changing selection makes it very interesting for regulars like me (I've gone every Friday for lunch for two years now). I've only tried a few tacos I didn't like (Chicharon and Beef Gland), and they gave me a new taco in a heartbeat at no charge." — Yelper Aaron M.

    45. Irmita's, Saint George, Utah

    46. Mojo Cafe, Ludlow, Vermont

    47. El Chilango, Arlington, Virginia

    "I just inhaled the Chicken, Pork and Lengua in two minutes, and I already need more. This place rivals tacos in Mexico!" — Yelper Pip C.

    "I love tacos so much that it may be one of my defining characteristics. So trust me when I say that if you like tacos and are a meat eater, you should try this truck." — Yelper EJ Z.

    48. Tacos Chukis, Seattle, Washington

    "They are not stingy on the toppings. The fillings are literally spilling out the sides and dripping down my hands when I eat them. Pro tip: You can ask for extra grilled pineapple (which is super sweet and caramelized), salsa, and lime free of charge!" —Yelper Jenny Baa Baa L.

    49. Ortegas Taco Shop, Ranson, West Virginia

    "You can't go wrong with the Baja Fish tacos and yummy homemade tortilla chips. Plus, they have a 99 cent Taco Tuesday!" — Yelper Jennifer B.

    "The street tacos are perfect, made right with cilantro and onions on fresh corn tortillas. The guacamole is delicious, and the fact that they have queso instead of 'cheese dip' warrants more stars than I'm able to give them. The fresh tortilla chips (made in house) are the perfect icing on the cake. This place is truly a wonder, a refreshing and welcome reminder of the food down by the border." —Yelper Rachel D.

    50. Café Corazón, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    51. Hatch Taqueria and Tequilas, Jackson, Wyoming

    "The Brisket tacos were OUTSTANDING. Tacos are my life blood, and I frequent some highly-rated spots, so when I say they're good, I mean it." —Yelper Jason T.

    "Bottled soda and Pastor tacos and cold, delicious guacamole. It was the perfect fuel for our trek through Grand Teton shortly after." —Yelper Kerissa B.

    Sooo, who wants tacos?