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23 Things All People Dating Travelers Will Immediately Recognize

Sparks are FLYING.

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But they're also really understanding if your plans change at the last minute.

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After tons of delayed flights, missed buses, bad hostel experiences and more, they know that life throws you curveballs all the time. And sometimes, you have to just ~go with it.~

Whenever you go anywhere together, they lead because they have a really good sense of direction.

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Traveling a lot means they've gotten realllly good at navigating.

They don't really care about big presents when it comes to holidays and birthdays.

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They've seen many people with much less — and they know that life is about so much more than material possessions.

They are the best wedding dates ever, because they always have great stories to tell.

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Like that time they rode a camel in India. And went skydiving in New Zealand. And the list goes on.

They're really good at calming you down when you're freaking out about work/friends/money/your apartment/life.

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They will be the first to remind you that you're lucky to even have an apartment to freak out about — and that ~worldly~ perspective does wonders for your anxiety.

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