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23 Things All People Dating Travelers Will Immediately Recognize

Sparks are FLYING.

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They start your first date by asking you about your favorite trip ever.

And then they get sooooo happy when you list a place that they love, too.

They take you to restaurants that have authentic local food "just like the kind they had" on their last trip.

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And they choose wine and beer based on how good it was when they actually went to the winery/brewery.

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They plan active dates, like checking out that new park/museum/hike.


Endless sense of curiosity + boundless energy = super happy fun date time yay.

And movie nights in usually consist of a travel documentary.

180° South, Blindsight, The Endless Summer, you name it.

But they're also really understanding if your plans change at the last minute.

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After tons of delayed flights, missed buses, bad hostel experiences and more, they know that life throws you curveballs all the time. And sometimes, you have to just ~go with it.~

Their idea of flirting is tagging you in someone's travel photo on Instagram and saying, "Wanna go?"

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And speaking of photos, they take amazing ones of you with their sweet DSLR camera.

They've had a ton of practice with all of their travel pics.

Their apartment is covered with maps and travel keepsakes.

And it's also kind of small because they spend all of their money on trips, not rent.

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Whenever you go anywhere together, they lead because they have a really good sense of direction.

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Traveling a lot means they've gotten realllly good at navigating.

But they're also totally chill if you get lost.

Because they know all too well that getting lost often leads to finding something new.

Because they know all too well that getting lost often leads to finding something new.

They don't really care about big presents when it comes to holidays and birthdays.

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They've seen many people with much less — and they know that life is about so much more than material possessions.

But they still love giving you amazing gifts from their travels.

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They are the best wedding dates ever, because they always have great stories to tell.

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Like that time they rode a camel in India. And went skydiving in New Zealand. And the list goes on.

And they rock the dance floor with their sweet moves they learned while clubbing in Europe.

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Their dating profile says they can't leave home without their passport.

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And pretty much all of their photos are of them in some amazing place.

Annie Daly
Annie Daly
Annie Daly

They're really good at calming you down when you're freaking out about work/friends/money/your apartment/life.

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They will be the first to remind you that you're lucky to even have an apartment to freak out about — and that ~worldly~ perspective does wonders for your anxiety.

Most of all, dating a traveler means being inspired by their global sensibility and #yolo spirit.

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And feeling more excited for ~life~ than you ever have before.

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That wanderlust vibe is very contagious.

And knowing that, no matter what you're doing or where you are, your next adventure is always right around the corner.

The world is waiting for you two.
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The world is waiting for you two.

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