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The 29 Best College Bars In America

Cheers to the nights you can't remember!

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the best college bars in America. And — surprise! — almost everyone picked their own. Here are their wonderfully loyal answers.

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After all, most college bars offer some element of gross smell, cheap shots, and age-old traditions (in that order). But while some do it better than others, there is never, ever a college bar quite like yours.

1. Harry's Chocolate Shop, Purdue

"It has a rich history, as it used to be a soda shop. Alumni and students say that it used to be a speakeasy during prohibition, and there are theories that there were secret tunnels that lead into the bar. There is a tradition called the 'Great Indoorsman,' where you stay at the bar from open (11am) until last call, and you have to have a drink every hour. There's no place I would rather be for 16 hours straight!"

Christina Burke, Facebook

2. The Boot, Tulane

"Just steps from campus! There are triple shot drinks for $5 twice a week, 50 cent shots on Tuesdays, and countless other deals throughout the year. 'The Boot: where your college career begins and ends.'"



3. Kam's, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

"The service is awful, the smell is nauseating, but the party is wild. With a blue guy — private label blue energy drink mixed a lower than bottom shelf vodka — in one hand, and your dignity in the other, you're bound to have a good time. FYI: You're gonna lose your dignity, so hang on to that blue guy."


4. The Olive Branch ("The OB"), Rutgers

"Best for $2 Tuesday, and 50 cent pizza slices for happy hour Monday through Friday, with $1.50 Coors pints!"

Terrell D Barnes, Facebook

5. The Kollege Klub, University of Wisconsin

"It's been holding strong since 1953 as the BEST place to pre-game, watch the game, and celebrate! Must have? The LEGENDARY Long Island iced tea. So many memories lost…"


6. Good Time Charley's, University of Michigan

"Best fishbowls ever in giant mason jars. And they have rotating drink specials every month, like Pokemon or Avengers-themed drinks. Plus they have the best chili fries known to mankind. Always a good time."



7. Kilroy's on Kirkwood, Indiana University

"It's literally where everybody knows your name. $3 Thursdays is not only the price of drinks, but also the cover charge that comes with a free T-shirt, newly designed every week. And the special drink is the Water Long Island with a splash of orange juice. You won't find it anywhere else."

Megan Samuels, Facebook

8. Gallettes, University of Alabama

"Famous for its Yellow Hammer (aka best drink ever created, unique to this bar), Karaoke Tuesdays, Wine Wednesdays, and specials all week/weekend long. Everyone goes to Gallettes on game day, which is a big deal at the University of Alabama."


9. The Dixie Chicken, Texas A & M

"It serves the most beer per square foot of any bar in America, has a live rattlesnake, and gave rise to our tradition of dunking our Aggie rings in a pitcher. Hands down, it's an essential part of a Texas A&M education."


10. Lonnie's Western Room ("Lonnie's"), Vanderbilt University

"It's a legendary karaoke bar, so everyone gets trashed and sings. Between the tourists and college kids you never know what you're going to see onstage. Since it's Nashville, there's a ton of talent, so every singer sounds like a country superstar. Every night I've been there has been an absolute blur, and it's my favorite bar in town."



11. Smokey Joe's ("Smokes"), University of Pennsylvania

"Sink or swim on Thursdays: There's a $5 cover and 50 cent drinks until midnight."


12. Nick's English Hut ("Nick's"), Indiana University

"It manages to blend current times with tradition. Plus, there's no better combination than playing 'Sink the Biz' with a bucket of biz fries!"

Paige Roberts, Facebook

13. Fred's Bar & Grill, Louisiana State University

Facebook: Fredsbar

"Every Friday, Fred's has free drinks from 8-10 pm, which the LSU students have named 'Frinks.' They also regularly have live music, crawfish boils, game-day specials, holiday parties, you name it. Bonus: it's located near all of the best drunk food establishments, like Kolache Kitchen and Pluckers. Fred's is a tradition, a guaranteed great night. Some of my favorite memories were created there with some of the best people around! Geaux Tigers!"


14. The Phyrst, Penn State

"From table wars and the live band, to rocking that bright green 'twenty-phryst' hat on your 21st birthday! Throw in a couple Stars & Stripes shots alongside a famous tray of Phyrst fries, and you're looking at one hell of a night."

Lexi Ferrari, Facebook


15. Faegan's Pub, Syracuse

"Amazing food, amazing beer on tap, and they have a beer tour!"

Kathleen Hessman, Facebook

16. The Haufbrau Bozeman ("The Hauf"), Montana State University

"Where else can you listen to great live music and drink a few $3 Moose Drools in your beanie, flannel, fleece leggings, and Sorels when the temperature drops below 20 degrees?"


18. Top of the Stairs ("TOTS"), Virginia Tech

"I love me some good 'ol rails [their famous drink]!"

Shelby Quinn, Facebook


19. The Hangar Pub and Grill, University of Massachusetts Amherst

"I miss going there for literally everyone's 21st birthday!"


20. Humphrey's Restaurant and Tavern, Saint Louis University

"Amazing staff that feels like family. Late nights drinking with friends. Looking at the door every time someone walks in and having it be your friend every time. Live music on the patio. All day brunch. Dollar shots. And the birthday tradition ... getting a shot from a plunger! Even when SLU grads turn 30, you go back for your plunger! And the best of the best is penny pitchers on Wednesday nights. A pitcher of beer for a dollar. Hello hangover. But you just head right back for brunch. Alumni ALWAYS come back to visit. Weddings always end at Humphrey's. Reunions end at Humphrey's. Humphrey's feels like home."

Beckyl46c233a55, BuzzFeed Community

21. The Esso Club, Clemson

"Great drinks and fantastic fried mushrooms. And [American sportscaster] Brent Musburger hits The Esso Club every time he's in town."

Scherewecome1, BuzzFeed Community

22. The Grotto at Capone's ("Grotto"), Western Michigan University

"Half off pizza, trivia, drink specials every night, and two floors — it's the best place to spend your four years at college. And when you're there every day, the bartenders become family. "

Shelbi Nicolle, Facebook


23. The Blue Jay Bar ("The Jay"), Creighton University

"They have half-priced drinks every Wednesday, and all of the college kids call them 'Wednesjay's.' What other college bar gives you the excuse to get drunk on a Wednesday? It's the best way to get through Hump Day."


24. Froggy's Bar & Grill, University of California, Davis

"Best bar to chill, play liar's die, or do karaoke any night of the week. Best drink is their blowjob shot!"

Rachel Vogel, Facebook

25. Funky's Pizza & Dacquiri Bar, University of Mississippi

"They make alcoholic icees and they're absolutely delicious. They have cool names too, like the Miley Cyrus."


26. 9d's Bar, University of Georgia

"The DJ only plays 90s music, and it is glorious."



27. Riley's Bar & Grill, California State University, Chico

"Thursday nights are power hour. Drinks start at 25 cents for the first 15 minutes, then they're 50 cents for the next 15 minutes, 75 cents for the next…and then $1 drinks. Wins all around."

Juliepants, BuzzFeed Community

28. Brick Street, Miami University

"Their specialty drink is the trashcan. You get used to the pretty awful Red Bull taste, and it wouldn't be a Friday night without one."


29. The Wagon Wheel ("The Wheel"), University of Kansas

"If this bar isn't on this list, this list has no meaning whatsoever."


So there you have it. The best college bars in America, according to you guys. Enjoy them while you can, and remember them fondly after you graduate, because there really is no place like ... home.