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    The 29 Best College Bars In America

    Cheers to the nights you can't remember!

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the best college bars in America. And — surprise! — almost everyone picked their own. Here are their wonderfully loyal answers.

    1. Harry's Chocolate Shop, Purdue

    2. The Boot, Tulane

    3. Kam's, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

    4. The Olive Branch ("The OB"), Rutgers

    5. The Kollege Klub, University of Wisconsin

    6. Good Time Charley's, University of Michigan

    7. Kilroy's on Kirkwood, Indiana University

    8. Gallettes, University of Alabama

    9. The Dixie Chicken, Texas A & M

    10. Lonnie's Western Room ("Lonnie's"), Vanderbilt University

    11. Smokey Joe's ("Smokes"), University of Pennsylvania

    12. Nick's English Hut ("Nick's"), Indiana University

    13. Fred's Bar & Grill, Louisiana State University

    14. The Phyrst, Penn State

    15. Faegan's Pub, Syracuse

    16. The Haufbrau Bozeman ("The Hauf"), Montana State University

    Corner Club, University of Idaho

    18. Top of the Stairs ("TOTS"), Virginia Tech

    19. The Hangar Pub and Grill, University of Massachusetts Amherst

    20. Humphrey's Restaurant and Tavern, Saint Louis University

    21. The Esso Club, Clemson

    22. The Grotto at Capone's ("Grotto"), Western Michigan University

    23. The Blue Jay Bar ("The Jay"), Creighton University

    24. Froggy's Bar & Grill, University of California, Davis

    25. Funky's Pizza & Dacquiri Bar, University of Mississippi

    26. 9d's Bar, University of Georgia

    27. Riley's Bar & Grill, California State University, Chico

    28. Brick Street, Miami University

    29. The Wagon Wheel ("The Wheel"), University of Kansas

    So there you have it. The best college bars in America, according to you guys. Enjoy them while you can, and remember them fondly after you graduate, because there really is no place like ... home.

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