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15 Times Calvin And Hobbes Reminded You To Never Stop Exploring

It's a magical world, Hobbes, ol' buddy... Let's go exploring!

This week, the legendary comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, by Bill Watterson, celebrates its 30th anniversary.

But what I love most about Calvin and Hobbes — aside from their profound observations about the state of the world — is their shared desire to explore it.

1. When Calvin gave us life goals:

2. And taught us the right way to make decisions:

3. When they both went all big picture:

4. And reminded us that beauty really is everywhere you look — as long as you open your eyes:

5. When Calvin blessed us with this wise M.O.:

6. And emphasized the importance of self-awareness:

7. And living in the moment:

8. When the dynamic duo taught us the pure joy of just hanging out:

9. And reminded us that going on an adventure is always a good idea — even if you don't know the way:

10. When Calvin demonstrated the power of perspective:

11. And reminded us to dream big:

12. And always (always!) travel off the beaten path:

13. When the pair showed us that it's OK — better yet, honorable — to go to great lengths for time in the great outdoors:

14. And also emphasized just how much our souls need that outdoor time. NEED.

15. In the end, we can thank these two spirited adventurers for reminding us that there's a big giant world out there, full of miracles and wonder, and there's ~always~ more to discover.