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The 43 Best Drunken Eats In College Towns Across America

Because food just tastes better at 3 a.m.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the best college drunk food spots in America — and they delivered. Here are the best places to go when the party's dwindling, you're drunk AF, and you've got the munchies big-time.

Some of these places are big on burgers; others have their taco and pizza game on point. Some are all about breakfast fare; others veer more toward all fried everything. But if there is one belief they all have in common, it's that there can never be enough cheese — and there's always room for one more bite.

1. Grease Trucks ("RU Hungry?"), Rutgers University

"It is everything on a sandwich: chicken fingers, mozz sticks, french fries, taylor ham, egg, cheesesteak, fries (my favorite). And so unbelievably amazing ... all on a college-friendly budget of $5–$7 each. And possibly the most fun sandwich names ever! Who doesn't want to scream 'Please give me a fat drunk' and not actually offend anyone?"

—Stephanie Israel, Facebook

3. Bagel & Deli, Miami University

Facebook: bagelanddeli

"Infinite bagel combinations, ranging from a blueberry bagel with cream cheese and a chocolate chip cookie in the middle, to the infamous 'Crunch 'n Munch,' where you can pick a bag of chips to not only put on your favorite turkey, lettuce & tomato bagel, but also eat the rest of the bag. On any given night, right around 2 am when the bars close, you can expect a long line of kids waiting for their bagel, only to drunkenly drop half of it on the way home. Long live B&D!"

—Jameson Foran, Facebook

4. Cook Out, North Carolina State University

"You can get an entire tray for $5, including two sides (fries, onion rings, quesedillas, and chicken wraps), and a drink — which can be a MILKSHAKE. So if you play your cards right, you are basically buying three meals."

—Rebecca Nagy, Facebook

5. Al's Deli and Grill, University of Alabama at Birmingham

"Open 24/7, 365, and serves the best drunk food — which you can buy with UAB campus money. Loaded baked potatoes, gyros — but nothing in this world beats a plate of their ranch fries with chicken on top. It isn't on their menu, but I've been ordering it after every night out for years."

—Ethan Gissendaner, Facebook

6. The Fat Shack, Colorado State University

Facebook: FatShackFortCollins

"Their motto is 'Late night done right.' They used to be next to two head shops. Not sure if both are still up and running, but you can infer their target demo. A highlight of my life was going back to The Fat Shack after a wedding, ordering all the fried food I ate in college, going back to the hotel, falling asleep in an empty bathtub while in a tux, and having that leftover fried food for breakfast amidst the soul-crushing hangover of post-college wedding partying."


7. Fuego Tortilla Grill, Texas A&M University

Facebook: FuegoTortillaGrill

"This place is a local favorite. Open 24/7 (with the exception of Mondays), you get all sorts of crowds at every hour in there, and it's always delicious. They have boss-ass tacos, like the Dr. Pepper Cowboy, the "King" (with fried avocados), and the BEST queso blanco (with a secret menu item that includes steak, guac, and salsa all in the queso). Most of my best memories of late-night chow-downs and/or drunken munchies are from running around this place at God-forsaken hours of the night, chowing down on a good 'ol breakfast taco. Just check out their menu, man. It's unreal."

—Amy Lynn, Facebook

8. Sergi's, SUNY Canton, St. Lawrence University, SUNY Potsdam, and Clarkson University

"Two Sergi's resturants are a drunk food haven in the middle of nowhere, North Country, NY! You MUST get a Mikey's Special pizza (it's sauce on top of the cheese) with lots of ranch as a side OR pizza rolls the size of newborn babies. It's basically a medium pizza rolled up into a calzone-style hot sandwich that drenches the wax paper and paper bag it's delivered in with grease that should stop your heart. And when it's -20 degrees in winter and you have a buzz on, it's heaven."

—Beth Dixon, Facebook

9. House of Pies, University of Houston and Texas Southern University

"Seriously. It's open 24 hours and has the absolute best diner food that I've ever tasted in my life. Try the sausage scrambler (though I get a sausage scrambler with no sausage, ha). Layered biscuits, sausage, eggs and gravy with a plate full of hash browns and toast. HOLY LORD, Y'ALL."

—Janna Lawson, Facebook

10. Filiberto's, Arizona State University

"'It's the most delicous thing in the world when you're drunk. Greasy cheesy Mexican food wonder. Sober, it is is a terrible, terrible mistake. Order in Spanish, and they'll pretty much make you whatever you want."

—Jeff Okrepkie, Facebook

17. Freebirds World Burrito, University of California, Santa Barbara

"Open 24/7/365. Their crispy onions and BBQ sauce set them apart from other Mexican restaurants. My favorite order is nachos, but you can also get a quesanachorrito, which is a quesadilla filled with burrito fixins and crunched up chips."


18. Conrad's Grill, Michigan State University

Facebook: ConradsGrill

"All of their Con-wraps are AMAZING. The wraps are the perfect drunk food because they're so greasy and fatty and full of tater tots and bacon and fried chicken. One of their locations is about 1/8 of a block away from the bars, so everyone stumbles in around 1 am for a 1200 calorie late night snack."

—Karlie Zuchowski, Facebook

21. Jimmy Z's Texas Hots, SUNY Brockport

"Their famous order is the 5 Star Plate aka Garbage Plate but my favorite was always the pizza logs. They have the best drunk food, they stay open late, and Jimmy is always there regulating the massive amounts of drunk college kids — sometimes by standing on the counter with a megaphone."

—Crista, Facebook

26. Kerbey Lane Cafe, University of Texas at Austin

Facebook: KerbeyLaneCafe

"Holy crap. They're open 24 hours a day and serve pretty much anything, so any weird craving your drunk brain gives you can be satisfied. Last time I went there drunk I ordered chips & queso, pancakes, and cheesecake…"


27. Time-Out, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Facebook: TimeOut133

"It serves the famous four-corner chicken biscuit, which is a piece of fried chicken served on a square biscuit to honor Dean Smith's legendary four-corner defense (which caused the creation of a shot clock in college basketball). It is open 24/7."

—Laura Catherine Haulsee, Facebook

29. Freddie's Hot Dog Stand, University of Colorado at Boulder

"Sits outside the sundowner saloon on busy pearl street and is literally a GODSEND while drunk. Sometimes they'll let you make your own hotdog if you ask really nicely. Truly an A+ establishment."


30. The Pie Pizzeria, University of Utah

Facebook: ThePiePizzeria

"It's less than a block away from campus. They also deliver all over campus until 2 a.m. on the weekends. There's no one particular order, but all their pies are delicious and as is typical of Salt Lake City, there are gluten-free and vegan options available."

—Stephanie VanBeuge, Facebook

33. Trujillo's Taco Shop, San Diego State University

Facebook: 143637579002613

"All the best plates are sponsored by Greek life. There's everything from burritos with French fries inside, mega quesadillas, anything they sell you can put in your burrito! You always know to find Aztecs there on a Saturday night or after basketball games."


35. El Rancho, University of Missouri

"It's a fast food Mexican restaurant that you can only truly enjoy between the hours of midnight and 4 am. They have $6 nachos that are loaded with queso and you can get any meat on them. If you didn't have El Rancho at the end of your night then you didn't have a good night!"


38. Marco's Grilled Cheese, University of Iowa

Facebook: 6822479567

"First, who doesn't love grilled cheese (sober or drunk), and second, the guys who work the stand are the best — even when they have to deal with drunk college students. Grilled cheese or quesadilla with hot sauce is the best thing they have!"


40. Oakland Gyros, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

"Best gyros in the city for the past like 15 years, usher likes it, and they are open till 4am on weekends and like 2 or 3 still during the week! Huge gyro, fries, and a drink for less than $10 and it's on the east side right by UW Milwaukee so it's always packed with drunk college kids."


42. Charlie's Kitchen, Harvard University

Facebook: charlieskitchen

"Food is freaking excellent and dirt cheap. Perfect for poor college kids, and the prices haven't changed in ages. ($4 Jameson, Fireball and Fernet drinks!!!), and mozz sticks, fries, waffle fries, chicken tenders, grilled cheese, and burgers. I graduated two years ago, and still make a point to go back when I'm in town."


43. Mesa Pizza, University of Minnesota

Facebook: mesapizzamn

"First off, this place is always packed at night. It's a quirky pizza place that stays open late -- the line is always out the door, and has to be roped off, even in the FREEZING Minnesota winters. The line zigzags and is like a maze of drunk college kids all reuniting and finding each other again after a crazy night out. They are famous for their mac and cheese pizza and all their other crazy pizza concoctions! It is right by all the college bars. It's amazing. Hands down the best spot to end the night."