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This Is What $4 Of Street Food Looks Like Around The World

No better reason to travel.

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We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community, travel bloggers, and our international editors for their favorite cheap street food around the world that costs under $4. Here's what they came up with ...

1. These tacos in Queretaro, Mexico:

Flickr: marioneta

You can get different kinds — suadero, chorizo, al pastor, bistec — at any street corner from early evening until 4 or 5 a.m. "And at 60 pesos, you can get 10 of them for $4, which is such a steal, especially with all the free toppings, like freshly sliced cucumbers, radishes, whole grilled bulb onions/peppers, and a vast variety of salsas."

Submitted by Bianca Yvette Avila, Facebook

2. This poutine in Canada:

Poutine is made up of French fries smothered in gravy and cheese curds. You can find it in on the streets for less than $4, but you can also get it with fancy toppings in a Poutinerie, if you're willing to pay a bit more.

Submitted by Laurel Robbins, Monkeys and Mountains

5. This torta and soda combo in Mexico:

Flickr: elgrandee

A torta is a sandwich served on a crusty white sandwich roll and filled with a variety of ingredients, like ham, scrambled eggs, or avocado. It can be eaten hot, cold, grilled, or toasted.

Submitted by Bibiñe Barud, BuzzFeed

9. This choripán in Argentina:

Flickr: davidw

Arguably one of Argentina's most coveted street meats, choripán is basically a homemade chorizo sausage that's crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. The sausage is butterflied, and placed between crusty bread and covered with chimichurri sauce.

Submitted by Conz Preti, BuzzFeed

11. These empanadas in Pisac, Peru:

Empanadas are a stuffed bread or pastry filled with tons of savory ingredients — and you can get them in most South American countries. "The reason these are better than all of the others I’ve tried is that they cook them in dome-shaped clay colonial ovens."

Submitted by Matt Long, LandLopers

16. This döner kebab in Berlin, Germany:

Adam Groffman

"This döner comes from a stand in Mitte, near Hackescher Markt, and cost 3.50 €, which is expensive for a döner — but it's very filling and perfect for a picnic in front of Museum Island."

Submitted by Adam Groffman, Travels of Adam

19. This kürtőskalác in Budapest, Hungary:

Flickr: simononly

A kürtőskalác — also known as a chimney cake — is a traditional sweet piece of dough that's rolled in granulated sugar and melted butter, and then baked above charcoal cinders until it turns golden brown. While it's cooking, the sugar becomes caramel and forms a crispy crust on the cake.

Submitted by Lorène Gaudin, Facebook

21. This pho in Vietnam:

Pho is a rice noodle soup that has other stuff in the bowl, like meat (chicken or beef) and some herbs. You can get street pho all over Vietnam, for basically around $1.

Submitted by Annie Daly, BuzzFeed

22. This gua bao in Taiwan:

Flickr: ramenfuel

Gua bao is a Taiwanese pork belly bun. "When it's done right, the pork is fatty and juicy with all the sauces seeped in, and there's a nice ratio to the meat and the bun. Then the pickled veggies add a crunch and kick to it, the peanuts give it a sweet crunch, and the hint of parsley balances out the flavors. It's heaven!"

Submitted by Patricia Lin, Facebook

23. This bao zi in Xi'an, China:

Stephanie Yoder

These are soft, steamed dumplings filled with savory pork and accompanied by a small dish of chili and vinegar for dunking. You can get 10 for just $1.50.

Submitted by Stephanie Yoder, Twenty-Something Travel

24. This chicken pita sandwich in Railay, Thailand:

Christine Amorose

"A collection of longboats — the island equivalent of a food truck — pulls up on the beach every day around lunchtime to sell the most delicious pita chicken sandwiches for about $2. The view's not bad, either!"

Submitted by Christine Amorose, C'est Christine

27. These xiaolongbao in Shanghai, China:

These are soup dumplings, which means there is actually soup inside those dumplings! "But be warned, the soup inside the dumpling can burn your tongue. A servings of 12 small dumplings will set you back 12 Yuan, which is roughly $2."

Submitted by Meg Collins, Five Dollar Traveller

28. This bánh mi sandwich in Vietnam:

Christine Amorose

Bánh mi is a baguette filled with meat and other Vietnamese staples, like cilantro, cucumber, jalapeno, and pickled carrots. You can get them all over Vietnam for about $3.

Submitted by Christine Amorose, C'est Christine

29. This fried carrot cake in Singapore:

Tausha Cowan

Weirdly, fried carrot cake is actually stir-fried pieces of seasoned radish. You can find this dish at many of Singapore's hawker centers for almost $2.

Submitted by Tausha Cowan, The Globe Getter