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12 Vacation Spots That Are Cheaper To Get To Today Than In The Past

Vacation awaits.

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Plane tickets to far-away places can be crazy expensive — but the good news is that they are a little bit *less* pricey now than they've been in the past.

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That's according to the team at Hopper, an app that analyzes flight prices to provide advice on when to fly and buy. This week, they analyzed flight data from the past two years, and found that international airfares from the U.S. are actually lower than they have been in more than three years. (They took an average of prices from different airports in the U.S. to get the overall number.)

Here are some of the countries that had the biggest decreases in airfare from the U.S. in the past two years. In other words: Consider these spots if you've got your heart set on leaving the country for your next vacation — because they're more affordable than they've been in a long while!

(And even though these destinations are cheaper than they used to be, it's still important to find the best flight deal out there to maximize your savings — here's how to find the most affordable flights out there.)

1. Canada

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Average round-trip fare: $378 (down from $447)

Our neighbor to the north is filled with cool stuff to do, from camping in Banff and Jasper National Parks to eating your way through Montreal. More info on how to do Canada on a budget here.

2. Mexico

Lrcimagery / Getty Images

Average round-trip fare: $404 (down from $454)

And our neighbor to the south is equally sweet. Go for the tequila, the street eats, the cenotes, the beautiful beaches, and so much more — the possibilities are endless. More info on how to do Mexico on a budget here.

3. Peru

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Average round-trip fare: $588 (down from $735)

Machu Picchu is one of the coolest and most magical structures in the world, but the rest of Peru is just as dope — not to mention fairly affordable.

More info on how to do Peru on a budget here.


4. Denmark

Seanpavonephoto / Getty Images

Average round-trip fare: $673 (down from $913)

Beautiful castles, wild beaches, modern architecture, serious bike-ability ... Denmark really does have it all. More info on how to do Denmark on a budget here.

6. Chile

Judydillon / Getty Images

Average round-trip fare: $828 (down from $1128)

If you love adventure, hiking Patagonia (in both Chile and Argentina) should definitely be on your travel bucket list. But there are also many other reasons to visit the country, like the fact that literally everything comes with avocado and mayo, and the fact that Piscolas exist. More info on how to do Chile on a budget here.

7. Sweden

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Average round-trip fare: $828 (down from $860)

Not only is the country home to the kanelbullar (the original cinnamon roll and the most delicious thing you will ever taste) and amazing hot chocolate, it's also home to stunning scenery, a killer live music scene, and more. More info on how to do Sweden on a budget here.


8. Norway

Marco Saracco / Getty Images

Average round-trip fare: $871 (down from $880)

When you picture a quaint little lakeside European village, you probably picture Norway. And you wouldn't be wrong; the country is filled with breathtaking fjords (like the ones above) that will make you feel happy to be alive. It has a reputation for being pretty pricey, so here's how to do Norway on a budget.

9. South Africa

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Average round-trip fare: $986 (down from $1325)

When you think of South Africa, you probably think of safaris in Kruger National Park, Cape Town, and perhaps even Paul Simon's famous album Graceland, which was inspired by his time in South Africa. There's also lots more to see and do there, like eat porcupine skin (!) and listen to ska music, which originated there, to name a few. More info on how to do South Africa on a budget here.

10. Argentina

Flickr: sandeepachetan

Average round-trip fare: $1093 (down from $1324)

You know one reason to go to Argentina: THE WINE. But there's more! Go to learn tango, eat all the steak and chimichurri and dulce de leche you can, and see endless beauty. More info on how to do Argentina on a budget here.

11. Australia

Annie Daly

Average round-trip fare: $1209 (down from $1554)

Australia's got something for everyone. If your idea of a good time is sun, sand, surf, and repeat, then this is the place for you — Australia's filled with beautiful beaches and chill vibes. However, the middle of the country, home to Uluru (Ayer's Rock), is also an awesome world of its own, and western Australia has lots to offer, too — like Perth's cool, artsy culture. More info on how to do Australia on a budget here.

12. New Zealand

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Average round-trip fare: $1321 (down from $1449)

Ah, New Zealand — the adventure traveler's heaven. This country is known for its high-adrenaline activities, like bungee jumping, skydiving, and more. Plus, it's insanely beautiful. More info on how to do New Zealand on a budget here.