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24 NYC Foods That Just Taste Better In Fall

Your fall food bucket list.

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2. An almond croissant and almond milk chai latte from The Muffins Shop Cafe

Location: 222 Columbus Avenue, Upper West Side

"This coffee shop is so fall to me. It seems like their baked goods just taste better on a crisp fall day. Plus, it's one block from Central Park, so I like to take my order to the park and sit on the rocks in Strawberry Fields (by the 72nd Street entrance)." — Annie Daly


4. Apple cider and donuts at the Union Square Greenmarket

Location: East 17th Street and Union Square West, Union Square

"When I was growing up in New England, fresh apple cider and apple cider donuts were a hallmark of fall. I gripe about missing them every year. I was back up that way in NYC last week, and made a point of getting a donut and cup of cider at the Union Square Farmer's Market. HEAVEN!" — Kaylyn Santhouse, Facebook

6. Galbi Jjim from Cho Dang Gol

Location: 55 West 35th Street, Midtown West

"Korean food in New York is generally pricier than anywhere else, but this comfort dish is totally worth the price. Each order consists of a steaming pot of super tender beef marinated in a sweet and savory sauce, served with rice and all your usual Korean side dishes like kimchi, tempura, and broccoli rabe. It's something I've never have the time, resources, or skillset to make on my own, and reminds me of the version my mom makes at home for special occasions (i.e., whenever i'm home *sassy girl emoji*)." — Michelle No


9. A grilled chicken press sandwich from Grey Dog

Locations: Four different locations around the city; click here for the info.

"I'd say Grey Dog is the best fall time venue in general. Their entire menu of big sandwiches, drinks, comfort baked goods, and generously-sized pastas and soups seems perfectly adapted for crisp, autumn evenings when you're just looking for a cozy, familial venue.

I'm especially partial to the grilled chicken press. It's served with a generous side of extra crispy potato chips, which I douse with ketchup, sometimes eating the sandwich and the chips in the same mouthful. Yes I am a real life monster." — Michelle No

10. Triple-fried chips from Burke & Wills

Location: 226 West 79th Street, Upper West Side

"Fries are my ultimate comfort food, and I've legitimately never seen thicker-cut versions than the ones here. They come in a stack of nine, but seriously, just one layer of these 'chips' (it's an Australian place) could serve as a hearty appetizer. They're generously salted, come with a tiny pot of aioli to dip, and they're only $5 with two-for-one drinks during happy hour." — Michelle No


11. A pint of IPA on tap plus a veggie burger and sweet potato fries at Amsterdam Ale House

Location: 340 Amsterdam Avenue at 76th Street, Upper West Side

"I love to eat these things year round, don't get me wrong, but there's something about eating them in the fall that's extra satisfying. This place has an insane collection of beers on tap; you simply cannot go wrong (especially if you go IPA, my favorite). Also, they serve their burgers on English muffins, which I love, and they put a bit of sugar and cinnamon on their sweet potato fries, so they taste extra sweet and delicious." — Annie Daly

12. The suisse raclette at Raclette NYC

Location: 511 East 12th Street, East Village

"It is literally melted cheese on top of potatoes, cured meats, vegetables, and bread and it is TO DIE FOR. They melt the huge wheel of cheese, and then scrape it right in front of you, leaving you with a ton of melted cheese on a plate to eat with your vegetables and meats. It’s amazing. It’s life-changing." — azhaliaa

14. A giant, delicious chocolate chunk cookie from Birdbath Green Bakery

Location: Seven locations around the city; click here for info

"The best part: They have an equally incredible (if not better) vegan version that absolutely slays the cookie game." — jjg19


16. Hot chocolate at Max Brenner

Location: 841 Broadway, Union Square

"You can get hot chocolate at Max Brenner year round, but it becomes more socially acceptable when the weather gets colder. That’s why the fall is the perfect time to enjoy the super creamy, decadent, Italian thick hot chocolate from Max Brenner. In late fall and winter, it also becomes available at the Max Brenner stand at the Bryant Park Winter Village, which opens at the end of October." — ercp


20. Literally anything from Bakeri

Locations: 150 Wythe Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn; 105 Freeman Street, Greenpoint, Brooklyn

"All of their baked goods are perfect for fall. I really love their salted chocolate, hazelnut, and rosemary cookie, though. They have it year-round, but the flavors are very fall-y." — Hannah Mars

21. The Momofuku ramen from Momofuku Noodle Bar

Location: 171 First Avenue, East Village

"It's my absolute favorite thing to eat on a crisp fall day. Between the perfect bite to the noodles to the perfectly salty/savory broth, I don’t know what I love more about it. It’s perfect and I’m starving thinking about it!!!" — sidneyj43952c0e9

22. Apple Crumb Pie from Buttercup Bake Shop

Locations: 167 Madison Avenue, Midtown East; 828 7th Avenue, Midtown West; 973 2nd Avenue, Midtown East

"It’s an apple-cranberry pie with a crumb crust instead of a regular pastry crust. Something about the apples and cinnamon just reminds me of autumn every time I get it. It’s great!" — Chemism


23. Pastries and cakes from Café Sabarsky in the Neue Gallery

Location: 1048 Fifth Avenue, Upper East Side

"Really nice weekend afternoon spot with delicious Austrian pastries and cakes (apfelstrudel, klimtorte, and more). It looks like a classic European café, and it's on the first floor of one my favorite galleries in New York (with several Klimt paintings)." — Marie Telling

24. Hot dogs or soft pretzels from the vendors in Central Park

Location: Central Park (110th Street to 59th Street; Central Park West to 5th Avenue)

"I've lived in NYC my whole life. I think the best part of Fall in NYC is strolling around near Central Park and eating things like hot dogs or hot pretzels from cart vendors. You can obviously buy that stuff all year long, but I love doing that in the fall. I also scope out the rare roasted chestnut vendors. They used to be everywhere, but I just don't see as many these days." —Stacy Curran, Facebook