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    10 Things To Know During K Week

    Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is strictly for entertainment purposes. The opinions in no way reflect the opinions of the University of Kentucky College of Arts and Sciences.

    1. You are going to meet a lot of people


    When I came to the University of Kentucky as a freshman, I didn't know a single person. I was worried I'd have a hard time finding my niche in the UK community. I shouldn't have worried though: in K week you get the opportunity to meet so many great people.

    2. ...That being said, you're going to forget plenty of names


    You'll try your hardest, but after an hour long event where you meet a few dozen people, you're bound to have some trouble with names (this might happen in your first few classes too). The best thing to do if you forget someone's name is just to ask them when you see them again: "Will you remind me what your name is?" Trust me, it's much less awkward to ask at the beginning of the semester than it is a few months in.

    3. Don't Ditch your K Team


    By the time you meet your K Team and your K Leader, you've probably made several good friends. Great news! The bad news is that they might not be in your K Team…but not to worry! Your K Team leader really cares about you, and wants to help you transition smoothly into your first year of college. Your K team is made up of other freshman that are just as new as you- So when you see that there's a scheduled lunch or meeting with your K Team, make the time to go.

    4. There are so many K Week Events!


    And they all sound interesting! Death by Chocolate at Baptist Campus Ministry, Midnight Dodgeball, Free T-Shirts and Study Tips at the Willy T. Library….how are you supposed to pick? The great thing is, you can really go to as many of the events as you want, and you don't have to RSVP for anything! So if you're feeling tired, you don't have to stay at Midnight Dodgeball for 2 hours- you can always stop in for 30 minutes, play a game, meet some friends, and then head back to your dorm.

    5. There are 400+ Campus Organizations


    There are several club fair-type events during K week. Lots of great clubs are showcased during these events, but there are some that probably don't advertise as much. Are you interested in something specific, but haven't seen or heard anything about it yet? Check out this UK page that has information for all of the organizations on campus: All you have to do is login with your LinkBlue account.

    6. Don't Only Eat Pizza


    It's true, you'll likely be exposed to free pizza several times during K Week. And there is ALWAYS pizza available at the UK Dining Halls. We all love pizza, we just have to remember to include the other food groups too.

    7. Use Some of Your Free Time to Prep for Your Classes


    Did you arrive to college with zero school supplies? Make sure that you at least have some pencils and a notebook before your first class. Also make sure you've downloaded Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, etc… (the subscription is free if you're a UK Student!) If your teacher has emailed your class to let you know that you'll be using a specific book in class, go ahead and pick that up at the bookstore.

    8. Make Use of the Available apps!


    There's actually a K week app! It has a lot of great features, but one of the best is that you can look at all the events that are happening, and mark the ones you're interested in. It's a great way to make sure you don't miss anything. Also download the myUK app- once you login with your link blue ID it will hold your class schedule, important contacts (like your academic advisor and your financial aid counselor). It can also help you keep track of your flex dollars and how many meal swipes you have left for each week.

    9. K Week is the Perfect Time to Familiarize Yourself with Campus


    Your K Team leader will probably offer to help you find your classes before the first official day of school- take them up on that offer. There's also an interactive campus map on the myUK app that I mentioned above: you can enter your current location and your destination, and it will make a route for you!

    10. The orientations for your college? Please attend them: If you miss them, you're really missing out!


    Not only is this a great time to meet other freshman that are within your major, but it is also a great opportunity to meet professors that will be teaching you while you're at UK. It's honestly a rare opportunity- make the most of it!

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