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The Ultimate Survival Guide For Early Holiday Shoppers In 2020

Early starts = extra time for creativity.

The holidays are upon us soon(ish?), which means it's your time to shine, early preppers.

Now, are you ready for some sweet gift ideas that'll feel like a warm hug?

1. Curate an experience, like everything a couple would need for a homemade pasta date night.

Homemade gnocchi pasta being made on cutting board.

2. Find a simple pattern and create a custom stuffed animal...

3. ...or get a kid everything they need to build a special fort.

Children asleep surrounded by pillows and blankets in fort with string lights.

4. Know that DIY is your best friend.

5. Gather everything they need to try out a new hobby.

6. Teach yourself how to knit a hat that'll keep them warm all winter long...

Knit yellow hat covered in snow.

7. ...or buy a plain sweater and add some ugly holiday flare.

Green ugly holiday sweater covered in small ornaments.

8. Make a scrapbook filled with mementos and photos.

9. Shop from small independent makers.

10. And spend some time on creative wrapping.

No matter what, you've got time to make this year the best one yet!