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These Rosé Box Wines Will Be Your Favorite Part Of Summer

Summer drinking will never be the same.

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We all know that it's Rosé Season.

And we all know that best way to drink rosé is in the great outdoors.

Option 1: From the Tank, Les Vignerons d’Estézargues.

Anne Helen Petersen

Here's the very official wine shop description:

"Three liters-that’s 4 bottles-of rosé in an air-tight bag-in-a-box. Now, that’s good news, especially given the heat that is violently setting in.

From Les Vignerons d’Estézargues, a collective of passionate young wine makers in Northern Provence, comes this blend of Cinsault, Grenache and Syrah, refreshing and polished, with the right red and yellow fruit accents, pleasing acidity and soothing balance. Wine-making without external yeasts, fining, filtering or enzymes. Natural. One of the rare co-ops in the world to do so. These guys are getting noticed for this approach, and you should pay attention too!

Box in the fridge, so you can pour the cold wine into a carafe, and never drink warm rosé. If you get satisfaction from only one glass a day, the air-tight bag will work in your favor and keep the wine fresh for weeks."

Option Two: Vrac Rosé from Provence

Anne Helen Petersen

New York Magazine describes it as "versatile in taste—with a crisp, dry finish, a slight strawberry aroma, and light minerality. And making matters more convenient and portable, the Vrac happens to come in a box, which means it keeps cold for up to three hours and stays fresh for three weeks after opening."

And both retail for around $30!

That's $30 for four bottles of really good rosé. . . . . that you take with you to the park! Put in your backpack! Use as a Camelback! The options are limitless.

You can find both wines in select wine shops all over (here's a New York listing) and online (here, here, here). Or just ask politely for your local wine shop to start carrying the very best thing to happen to summer.