21 Secrets Runners Won't Tell You

    Only two of them involve poop.

    1. Your running rotates around your pooping schedule.

    2. Which means you know how to make yourself poop.

    3. Shoes really DO matter.

    4. You lose half your weekend to long runs.

    5. Running is boring as hell.

    6. You always feel great post-run, but the "runner's high" remains pretty elusive.

    7. And even if you've run long distances (10+ miles), you'll still sometimes struggle through a 3-miler.

    8. Losing one or more of your toenails is a very real possibility.

    9. Wearing a thong is a must.

    10. ...your running clothes smell like DEATH.

    11. Two words: SNOT ROCKETS.

    12. You are incredibly specific about your running conditions, and the smallest annoyance can completely ruin a run.

    13. It's easier than you think to get dehydrated.

    14. These are actually pretty awesome.

    15. These too.

    16. Yes, your knees will hurt sometimes.

    17. You spend way too much money on shit like this.

    18. Sometimes you'll get bloody socks when you run.

    19. You're obsessed with your Garmin — and might even like it more than your smartphone.

    20. Nipple chafing is REAL.

    21. But in the end, you love it so much that all the weird and gross stuff is totally worth it.