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The 28 Most Amazing Things About Going To The Pool As A Kid

Marco! Polo!

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1. Spending a ton of time psyching yourself up for your next diving board trick.

2. And feeling amazing when you pulled it off.

3. Being in the first back in the pool after adult swim.

6. Two words: SNACK BAR.

7. Totally ignoring the sign that tells you to rinse off before getting in the pool.

8. This amazing feeling right here.

9. Stealing your sibling's waterwings.


11. Coming up with VERY ELABORATE synchronized swimming routines with your friends.

(That looked NOTHING like this)

12. Playing this game for hours.

13. Doing the Mermaid.

14. Splash contests.

15. Opening your eyes underwater even though you weren't supposed to . . . and ending the day with super bloodshot eyes.

Totally worth it.

Totally worth it.

16. Knowing your friends would be there every day.

17. Getting green hair from the chlorine and secretly loving it.

18. Getting freaked out / freaking other people out with the pool cleaner.

20. Having crushes on the hot lifeguards who seemed SO OLD.

22. The first time you got to swim in the deep end alone.

23. You don't know why you should EVER take your bathing suit off, even for sleep.

24. Bobs at the beginning of swimming lessons.

25. The other kind of Marco Polo.

26. The amazing feeling of getting burritoed up in a dry beach towel.

27. And the smell of water drying on the hot cement.

28. And being so perfectly exhausted that you fall right to sleep . . . and can't wait to do it all again the next day.

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