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    • AnneHedonia

      Anti-choice commenters: One: Your god is yours, not mine. I have absolutely no obligation to live my life according to your god’s laws. If religion is your basis for objection to safe, legal abortion. Two: Banning abortion does not stop women from getting them. What it does do is make it certain that thousands of women die each year because they had no safe, legal clinic to go to. Women have been terminating their pregnancies for thousands of years, and even today - what with anti-choice legislations that make it harder and harder for women to get abortions - five thousand women die EACH YEAR, in the United States alone, from sepsis; internal hemorrhage; air embolism; etc., in filthy back-alley abortion procedures. Don’t like the idea of pregnancies terminated? Don’t terminate yours. But do not dare pretend that “protecting precious life” is your goal. If you vote to ban legal, safe abortions, you have the blood of untold hundreds of thousands of women on your hands. In the years before Roe v. Wade, the number of women who died from illegal abortions was much, much higher than five thousand per year.  But I suppose women’s lives don’t count as “precious”, right? Women like Gerri Santoro, a young mother who became pregnant. She was poor, and her husband was alcoholic and abusive. He raped her, but in those days, there was no such thing as spousal rape. She could barely afford the children she already had. Desperate, she found an illegal abortion provider. Gerri Santoro died in a pool of blood, on the filthy floor of a motel room, all alone. Her children lost their mother; her friends lost a friend; her mother lost her daughter.  There are thousands and thousands of stories like Gerri Santoro’s. This is what you anti-choice commenters WANT. This is what will happen - is happening, right now, in the states where you have managed to push your cruel, selfish agenda. Please think. Please consider. Please go to this link and see this photo. It is not rare or unusual.

    • AnneHedonia

      First: Your religion is your religion. Not mine. I do not care AT ALL what your god says I should or should not do. Don’t like it? Then America is not the country for you. Second: The anti-abortion commenters here keep sobbing about ending the precious life of the fetus. Do you really think banning abortions means women will stop getting them? Women have been terminating their pregnancies for thousands of years, for various reasons - reasons that are THEIR OWN. Period.  When abortions are made illegal, the only thing that changes is that women are forced to get them done illegally - in unsafe, filthy back-alley procedures, facing the horrors of infections, air embolisms, and internal hemorrhaging. Five thousand women per year die annually from illegal abortion - that’s NOW, when we have a constitutional right through Roe V. Wade. The numbers are much, much higher in states that have put such outrageous restrictions on abortion that women, particularly poor women, can’t jump through the hoops to get the procedure done safely. If you are against abortions, fine. Do not get one. I respect your choice. But if you vote to make abortions illegal, you have the blood of hundreds of thousands of women on your hands.  Against safe, legal abortion? Click this link. This is Gerri Santoro. She was a young mother. Her husband was an alcoholic who beat her, and she already had children and could barely afford to keep them fed. In those days, women couldn’t say no to their husbands - there was no such thing as spousal rape. Abortions were illegal, so Gerri Santoro used the only option available - illegal abortion. She died in a pool of blood on the floor of a filthy motel room. Her children were left with no mother. There are thousands of such pictures. This, anti-abortion commenters - this is what you want. You approve of this. Think about it. Please.

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