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    56 Valentine's Day Gifts For Your S.O. That Don't Suck

    Buying the ~perfect~ Valentine's present is tough, so here are 45 ideas. You're welcome.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A gorgeous stone initial necklace with tiny butterfly embellishments because your Valentine deserves more than just a plain ol' letter around their neck.

    Model wearing two initial necklaces with letters "G" and "C"

    2. A set of 12 bath bombs that'll get your partner excited to soak in the tub for a night of much needed R&R. They're made with natural ingredients like shea and cocoa butter to nourish skin rather than dry it out.

    3. A Polaroid camera for capturing your memories together. This one has cool features that you won't normally find on other Polaroids, like a self-timer (group pics!) and auto-focus.

    A close-up of the camera in red

    4. A suffragette puzzle that'll be a great addition to game night. It features the leaders of the women's suffrage movement, including Hester C. Jeffrey and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Plus, it has a pamphlet with bonus information about the movement, so *you* can brush up on women's history.

    The circular puzzle, which features the faces of suffragettes

    5. A gender-neutral sweats set because everyone knows that loungewear is the best category of clothing. Plus, you'll have optimal "matchy matchy" potential with your Valentine.

    6. A bamboo serving tray shaped like a lotus flower. It's so unique, it'll definitely be the star of your romantic dinners together.

    The tray with hors d'oeuvres on top

    7. Love Poems by Pablo Neruda (my absolute FAVORITE poet — and maybe theirs, too!) if you want to woo them with sensual, erotic lines. It's like literary foreplay.

    An image of the book cover

    8. A eucalyptus and lavender bundle to hang in the shower for a refreshing and relaxing bath. The warm steam releases the oils and aroma, which can help open sinuses when they have the sniffles and relieve stress after a hectic day.

    a eucalyptus bundle hanging in a shower

    9. A compact mini fridge for keeping their facial serums, creams (and even a chocolate bar or two) nice and chilled. That'll save them the trek to the kitchen when it comes time to do their facial routine.

    10. A Rick and Morty-themed custom portrait that'll turn you and your bae into a digital illustration of their favorite animated TV show. And even better: It can include pets, too, so Miss Fluffleton can join in on the family portrait.

    An example of the digital portrait

    11. A bundle of V-Day-themed candles to capture the rollercoaster of emotions that we all experience on that one special day. I'm looking at you, "Emotionally Unavailable."

    three v-day themed candles stacked together

    12. A DIY fortune cookies kit that you could feed to each other, right after you make them ~together~.

    13. An engraved music box because it's such a sentimental and thoughtful gift that it just *might* make the tears flow. Have tissues at the ready.

    14. A significant "otters" art print for your cuddle bug who *loves* otters (who doesn't?!) and ~puns~. This gift merits an "OMG how cute!!!"

    The art print placed on a desk

    15. A super cute ceramic mug with a little surprise inside so you can imagine serving them hot coffee in bed and watching as they take a sip, look into the cup, and — peekaboo! — a cute little somethin' smiles back.

    Five ceramic mugs with hidden critters and plants inside

    16. A half dozen makeup sponges for smooth and even makeup application. (It comes in an egg carton, because ~word play~.) Plus, they'll be impressed that you know what a "makeup sponge" is.

    The opened cart of egg blenders, among other makeup products

    17. A Crosley record player so you two can slow dance to your wedding song. Plus, it has an AUX input, so you can plug in your phone to play something from Spotify.

    White record player with clear vinyl playing

    18. A gift crate filled with ingredients to make their favorite Italian meals. You couldn't go to Italy this year, so why not bring them Italy?

    The gift crate presented alongside cooked meals and two bottles of wine

    19. A "life would ~succ~ without you" succulent gift box, because really, what would your life BE without your boo boo bean? You don't even want to imagine that alternate reality.

    The gift box opened, revealing a potted succulent and card

    20. A wineglass holder, since there's no better way to end a long day than with a calming bath and a glass of their favorite adult drink. Stick this one on your bathroom wall, and if you're nervous about accidents, no worries. It comes with a plastic glass.

    The holder holding up a glass of wine

    21. A wheel of chocolates because heart-shaped boxes are in desperate need of an upgrade. It comes with 56 Belgian chocolates, so you might be lucky enough to snag a bite if your partner wants to share!

    Chocolate wheel

    22. A bath tray that you can fill with petals, chocolate, and champagne for a romantic soak in the tub. Don't forget to light some candles and play soft music to make it ~moodier~.

    The tray placed on tub with relaxing items on top

    23. A moisturizing cucumber sheet mask for a little self-care sesh with your boo. Put this on, pour two glasses of wine, fill a bowl with popcorn, and put on The Notebook, or whatever their movie of choice is (Shaun of the Dead? I'm not into mushy romance, either).

    The sheet mask

    24. An electric fondue pot, so you two can spend a candlelit evening feeding each other chocolate-dipped strawberries, aka the fruit of ~love~.

    The fondue pot in use next to a plate of chocolate-dipped strawberries

    25. A three-tiered jewelry stand because you've already gotten them countless necklaces, rings, and other shiny goodies, but now they needs a place to put them.

    Reviewer photo of the white and brass jewelry stand

    26. Bad Girls Throughout History, a book filled with stories and fun illustrations of badass women like Angela Davis, Cleopatra, and Josephine Baker to inspire your boo and remind them that you think they're equally remarkable.

    The book stacked on top of another copy of the same book

    27. A portable jewelry box, so they can take their bling with them wherever they go. This is a much better and super stylish alternative to stuffing jewelry in a ziplock bag when traveling. Those days are over!

    Gold rectangular zippered jewelry box with rainbow stitched on it

    28. A bath pillow for resting their head on during a long, luxurious bath. This one has multiple suction cups so it can stick to the tub without falling or shifting around.

    The pillow suctioned to a blue tub

    29. A cushion cover that'll let them know you'll stick by them no matter what. In sickness, in health, in financial troubles, and *even* when they binge watch all of The Queen's Gambit without you. *Gasps*. NO. MATTER. WHAT.

    The cover of a porcupine hugging a cactus with the text "no matter what" on it

    30. A Conair lighted mirror for better illumination when they're putting on their makeup. Plus, it rotates 360 degrees and also magnifies, so they can really see ~all~ the details.

    The lit mirror