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    31 Top-Rated Winter Products From Walmart You’ll Want To Use All The Time

    Windshield water repellants, parkas, thermal snow boots — these items will make winter suck a lot less.

    1. A two-pack of hand warmers, because sometimes your gloves can't keep you warm enough. And we all know, if your hands are cold, your *whole body* will be freezing. This product is highly rated, thanks to its heating powers of up to 10 hours. (Yes, 10 whole hours.)

    The warmer, held up in one hand

    2. A pair of thermal leggings that are highly rated for being so soft, comfortable, and warm. They're so versatile, you'll find great uses for them every day: outdoors as a layer under your jeans and at home to lounge in.

    The gray leggings, worn by a model

    3. A microfleece blanket that you'll wrap yourself with like a happy little burrito at all hours of the day — while sitting in your living room, watching Bridgerton, curled up in bed, asleep, and yes, even during your Zoom calls.

    The blanket wrapped around a happy golden retriever

    4. A heated mattress pad with 10 heat settings — perfect if you're prone to tossing and turning all night because you *just* can't get warm enough in your cold sheets. You'll sleep so soundly with this brilliant invention, you can't resist turning it on each night.

    The pad set on top of a mattress

    5. An electric indoor space heater with three comfort settings, because having central heat is great and all, but it's not that great for your electric bill. This little heater isn't as expensive to turn on every day.

    The space heater sitting on a bedside table

    6. A wind-resistant parka, because cold can quickly turn to freezing once a crisp breeze comes. And did I mention it has six pockets?! Who needs a bag when you have SIX POCKETS. This'll soon become your favorite jacket to wear.

    A model wearing the parka in black

    7. A Vicks filter-free humidifier that'll help relieve the stuffy noses, clogged sinuses, and dry throats that often come with winter. When you have this in your room, you'll likely sleep so much better each night.

    The humidifier emitting steam

    8. A rain jacket, because if you're too cool to use an umbrella, you need at least *something* to keep you dry when it starts to pour for two straight weeks. According to very pleased reviewers, this is breathable (so you don't sweat) and it's easy to fold and pack up when not in use.

    Two of the raincoats worn by models walking through the woods

    9. A pair of fleece-lined moccasin slippers to protect your feet from the toe-curling chill of your floors. These have anti-slip soles, so you're not falling all day like you're in some sort of slapstick comedy special.

    A close-up of the slippers worn by a model

    10. A Jergen's moisturizing lotion for extra dry skin, so your body doesn't prune up from excessively hot showers and exposure to cold, dry air. I use this to moisturize my skin daily, and it has kept the dryness and itchiness at bay.

    The bottle of lotion, placed among personal items

    11. A Neutrogena lip balm with SPF 15 that'll save your lips from chapping and peeling. Although great to use all year long (the SPF protects against summer sunburns), this will especially come in handy during the chilly seasons.

    The balm uncapped and placed against a model's lip

    12. An ice melter to stop frost from gathering on your front steps and sidewalk, sparing you the embarrassment of slipping and sliding in front of the whole neighborhood. Plus, it's eco- and pet-friendly, making it safe for Mr. Floofles to tread on, too.

    The close-up of a hand pouring the ice melter on to the ground

    13. A leopard-print cardigan sweater so chic, you'll be pairing it with every outfit. Yes, even when you're in your pajamas, lounging at home.

    The sweater worn by a model

    14. An electric mug warmer, so you don't have to reheat your coffee five times throughout the day when you keep forgetting about it. I have this, and it's honestly my favorite — and most used — kitchen appliance. (I use it every day for my morning tea.)

    A yellow mug placed on top of the mug warmer

    15. A pair of water-resistant, insulated winter boots that'll keep your feet warm and dry in rain or snow. These are so stylish *and* functional, you'll be putting them on every time you leave the house.

    A close up of the boot

    16. A knitted beanie that'll keep your head so warm, you won't be leaving your house without it. Once you try it on, you'll understand why it received 4.7 stars.

    A close up of the beanie worn by a model

    17. A pack of five wool socks that are not only super cute but also super thick and warm. Wear them to any daily occasion, whether you're on your way to work or simply chilling at home, rewatching Friends for the 50th time.

    A close up of the socks lined up together

    18. A stainless-steel tumbler for keeping your hot beverages warm while you're out and about. Who wants gross, lukewarm coffee? Not you, and certainly not the 371 buyers who rated this item highly.

    The tumbler held by the lid

    19. A set of four coffee mugs so precious, you'll be using them every day just to admire them. Heck, they might just become your favorite cups for any warm beverage (hello, hot chocolate season!).

    The four coffee mugs arranged on a wood table

    20. A pair of thermal gloves that you can wear WHILE using your touch-screen phone! No more taking them off, fingers frozen to icicles, while taking a quick selfie in the snow. These will quickly become your favorite daily pair.

    The gloves placed among personal items

    21. A pair of zebra-print rain boots with a style that's an adult twist from your childhood (ah, the early 2000s). Wear it to a rainy stroll or a walk down Memory Lane.

    A close-up of the boots

    22. A mini fireplace heater, because although your apartment wasn't fitted with a fireplace, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy the vibes. It's highly rated not only for style but also for its ability to heat up a room nicely.

    The heater, turned on, placed in the living room

    23. A hooded blanket robe, for when you find yourself wishing you could take your blanket with you wherever you go. Well, wish come true: This product is a robe, a blanket, *and* a hoodie! Some reviewers love this so much, they don't want to take it off.

    The robe worn by a model lounging on a couch

    24. A two-in-one windshield cleaner and water repellant that you wish you bought sooner, particularly before last weekend's freak rainstorm that offered nearly ZERO visibility. This has been highly rated for keeping windshields clear of blinding rain streaks.

    The cleaner being sprayed on to a windshield

    25. A three-setting heating pad that's great for your aching bones (hello, mid-20s!) but perfect for warming up the parts of your body that just get *too* cold during the winter season, like your always freezing feet or your perpetually frozen hands. It's so great, it'll be your daily companion.

    The heating pad placed on top of a sleeper's back

    26. A thermal curtain with more than 4,000 5-star ratings. Although great for all seasons, this will help block out the winter cold emanating from frosty windows.

    The curtains in burgundy, hung over white windows

    27. A pleated scarf praised for its quality, comfort, thickness, and style. It's such a cute addition to any outfit, you'll find yourself wearing it on the daily.

    A close up of the scarft

    28. A faux sheepskin area rug that's so soft, warm, and comfortable, you can't resist taking a moment to stand on it, just so you can feel the sensation of ~luxury~ (and not cold hardwood floors) against your feet.

    The rug placed on wood floors

    29. A vanilla and sea salt candle – it crackles *just* like burning wood! Talk about winter cozy.

    Two of the candles with burning wicks

    30. A window insulation kit for blocking the cold drafts and air leaks coming from the outside, while keeping your indoor temperature stable. This product is highly rated for its effectiveness and value for the price, and when you try this yourself, you'll see the 4.4-star rating is justified.

    A man installing the window insulation

    31. An automatic milk frother for making winter's best hot beverages, like the lattes you have every morning, the hot cocoas you have every evening, and the occasional afternoon cappuccino.

    The milk frother displayed in front of two cups off cappuccinos

    With the right items, winter can be loads of fun!

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