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    29 Things From Adidas That Reviewers Say Are Actually So Comfortable

    Because you *deserve* to be comfy in everything you wear.

    1. A pair of Stan Smith Originals that will quickly become a closet staple. They're super versatile (wear them with pants, shorts, or even dresses!) and can go with any color.

    2. A sports bra because you *deserve* support in everything you do, whether that's yoga, getting groceries, or Postmates-ing your matcha latte (I 100% support you).

    A model wearing the bra in green

    3. A sweatshirt dress that looks so comfortable, you'll immediately want to snuggle deep within its hood and ~chill~.

    The black dress worn by a model

    4. A pair of running shoes designed with extra traction, so you can jog in wet conditions without slipping and falling on your derrière.

    A close up of the colorful sneaker

    5. A black hoodie so versatile and layerable, you could honestly wear it every single day. The batwing design also allows for a full range of motion if you're practicing TikTok dances or just reaching for snacks on the top shelf of your cupboard.

    The jacket worn by a model and paired with white sweatpants

    6. A pair of hiking shoes because trust me, if you're spending all day walking, you *need* something built for comfort. And they have long-lasting cushioning and continental rubber soles, so you have grip on uneasy terrain.

    7. A hoodie with a vibrant, eclectic color scheme, because solid colors don't do it for you anymore. You want something that turns heads, pops, and wows!

    The hoodie worn by a model

    8. A pair of skateboarding shoes for when you want to dust off the board and get back on those wheels.

    9. A pair of tights that are so flexible, soft, and breathable (almost like a second skin, as one reviewer says), they'll become your favorite yoga companion.

    The tights worn by a model and paired with white sneakers

    10. A pair of sneakers with such interesting geometric designs, they might as well be ~objets d'art~. Excuse me, are you wearing a Matisse by any chance?

    side view of the shoe in green

    11. A pair of shorts that are not only great for physical activity (hello, pilates!), but also comfortable enough to wear while lounging.

    The shorts in blue and worn by a model

    12. A pair of track pants with such lovely floral designs, you'll wonder if this is, indeed, sportswear, or if it's a ~fashion piece~.

    The pants worn by a model and paired with white sneakers

    13. A pair of Ultraboost 4.0 DNA shoes that people are just *raving* about. Once you try them for your morning jog, you'll probably want to wear them for the rest of your life.

    front view of the shoe in grey

    14. A strap-back hat for the days when you just want to go incognito. No paparazzi, please!

    The black hat with the Adidas logo

    15. A track jacket that's so comfy, beautiful, and all around great, one reviewer calls it their "2021 power suit."

    The black track jacket worn by a model, hands in pockets

    16. A pair of slides for the days when you just want to set your tootsies freee. One reviewer says they're such a great fit, they've become a favorite.

    The slipper set on a light blue background

    17. A pair of shorts that are so comfy, one reviewer purchased multiples. Wise move, reviewer. Wise move.

    The grey shorts worn by a model and paired with white sneakers

    18. A pair of fiery red high-rise tights because when you're working out, you want to not only feel fierce but also look the part.

    The red tights worn by a model

    19. A pair of Ultraboost shoes with such cute little heart designs, they'll put you in a very happy mood every time you slip them on.

    20. A pair of sneakers that would make a great statement piece to your outfit. Aaaand many reviewers say they feel like "walking on a cloud," so you *know* they're good for long walks.

    The shoe in yellow

    21. A sweatshirt built for lounging. It's roomy, not too heavy, and super comfy! As soon as you put it on, you'll be in chill mode.

    The sweatshirt worn by a model and paired with matching pants

    22. A striped sports bra that absorbs moisture, because don't you just hate it when you're working out and you can feel the twins collecting beads of sweat?

    The bra in blue worn by a model

    23. A pair of — I kid you not— 3D Mickey Mouse shoes because heck yes!

    24. A swim top that's not only sporty, but also super stylish. Plus, you won't be risking accidental flashing with this one, unlike the thin string bikinis that are always moments away from an embarrassing slip.

    A model wearing the top with matching bottoms

    25. And a color-coordinated bikini bottom in case you want to get something ~to match~.

    The bottoms worn by a model

    26. A pair of hiking boots that tick off everything you need when you're in rugged terrain: they're waterproof (bring on the snow and rain!), step-absorbing, and have traction. Plus, one reviewer says they're lightweight, so you won't get tired when you walk.

    A close-up of the boots worn by a model

    27. A pair of Stan Smith and Human Made shoes because if you're not into fancy shmancy designs, you'll like these for their simplicity (while still looking stylish!).

    28. A pair of Stella McCartney shoes with such a beautiful, intricately designed floral print, you'll feel like you're walking the runway and not the block back home from the grocery store.

    The shoes worn by a model with matching pants

    29. A parka that one reviewer says is the "best thing they ever bought." Here's why: it's completely water-resistant, super comfortable, and very stylish.

    The parka worn by model

    You to you after trying on your new clothes:

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