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    30 Stylish Things From Nordstrom Reviewers Say Are Also Super Comfortable

    Beautiful *and* comfortable?! You really can have it all.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A floral dress so light and airy, one reviewer says it feels like you're not wearing anything — and for those of us who detest too-tight dresses, this is a gift from the heavens.

    The dress worn by a model

    2. A pair of striped overalls for when you're feeling the '90s vibes. Don't forget to put on your claw clips and jelly sandals for the ~full effect~.

    A model wearing the overalls, hands tucked in pockets

    3. A pair of slim-fit chinos that are so super versatile, you won't have to buy separate pairs for everyday wear and special occasions — your closet space will thank you.

    A model wearing the chinos in grey

    4. A knit blazer for when you want to quickly make a relaxed outfit look a little more sophisticated. You know, when you need to quickly jump on a last-minute Zoom call while you're still wearing your bedtime tee.

    A model wearing the black blazer with light blue jeans

    5. A super cute graphic tee that, according to reviewers, feels incredibly soft. It's perfect for anyone who has a chill, low-key style while still looking *superb*.

    A model wearing the shirt French-tucked in black pants

    6. A tweed oversized blazer because, yes, there *is* such a thing as feeling cozy in business clothes. Even reviewers can't stop commenting on how comfortable this piece feels.

    The blazer worn with a black top and blue jeans

    7. A halter neck jumpsuit for those who like classy, formal wear without having to slip into a dress. And here's the absolutely best part: it. has. pockets!

    A model wearing the jumpsuit in greeen

    8. A bomber jacket (such a timeless piece!) that one reviewer claims is not too tight, not too large, rather fits *just* right.

    A model wearing the bomber in olive

    9. A tank dress with a wrap-style skirt that perfectly balances sexy and comfortable. You'd think tight dresses = misery, but actually, a lot of reviewers say it's soft, comfortable, *and* fits well.

    The dress worn by a model and paired with beige heels

    10. A flowy midi skirt for the days when you feel like twirling around like an elegant ballerina, humming to "I Feel Pretty," AKA a normal Sunday afternoon for me.

    A model wearing the skirt in pink

    11. A straw hat that'll take you back to a summer spent sipping wine at a vineyard in Italy. You can *still* go on a wine tour wearing this hat...but in the comfort of your home with Under the Tuscan Sun playing in the background.

    The hat worn by a model

    12. A pair of black skinny jeans because apparently the Gen Zs are claiming they're very uncool, but I'd like to go on record and say they're WRONG. Skinny jeans are still cool, darn it!

    A model posing for the camera while wearing the black jeans

    13. A chiffon blouse with a ~flirty~ off-the-shoulder cut that'll have you singing, "Who's the pretty girl in that mirror there?"

    A model wearing the blouse in black

    14. A biker jacket made with faux leather — just because you want to look tough doesn't mean your clothing has to feel like it. And actually, a lot of reviewers say it's comfortable to wear.

    A model wearing the jacket, hands in pockets

    15. A pair of Chelsea boots that won't force you to choose between comfort and style because (oh happy day!) it's designed with a cushioned footbed.

    A close-up of the boots in brown, set against a gray background

    16. A ruffled tea top with such an elegant and sophisticated look, you'll feel like you're ready to meet the Queen for a cuppa tea.

    A close-up of a model wearing the top in black

    17. A pair of distressed skinny jeans that A TON of reviewers (and by that, I mean 100+) say are super comfy. They'll feel so good to put on, you'll probably wear them five times in a row (no judgement here!).

    A model wearing the jeans with a pink blouse

    18. A pair of waterproof booties, because fashion doesn't have to come with pain. Not only do these beauties keep your feet dry in rain but are also comfortable, thanks to their enhanced cushioned interior. Uh, yes please!

    Two of the booties, on in brown and one in black

    19. A pair of chino shorts that are so comfortable *and* stylish, they'll quickly become your favorite pair. Heck, you might even be tempted to buy two or three of these — treat yourself!

    A model wearing the chinos in blue

    20. A tie-dye shirt to ~die~ for. It runs long, so you can lounge in it, pants-free — and we all know that ~amazing~ feeling of taking off your pants after a long day.

    The shirt paired with frayed denim shorts

    21. A pleated ombré top that's made with such a beautiful shade of pink, it'll make you think of summer sunsets by the beach.

    A close-up of the top worn by a model

    22. A maxi cardigan with an open front so you can keep cozy *without* overheating from too much warmth. Plus, this isn't scratchy like others of the same style.

    The cardigan worn by a smiling model

    23. A pair of super trendy flare leg jeans that gets the same praise over and over again: they're comfortable *and* fit perfectly. Yes, it's possible to have it all!

    A model pairing the jeans in black with a sports bra and denim jacket

    24. A pair of white booties with such a mod-inspired style (gotta love all those sharp lines!), they'll turn heads. Bring on the compliments!

    A close-up of the boots in white worn by a model

    25. A stunning racerback maxi dress that — my oh my! — will make you look and feel like a sexy goddess. Is it me, or is it getting hot in here?

    A model wearing the dress with gold accessories

    26. A Patagonia pullover sweater because the outdoor aesthetic is having its moment in fashion right now. I suggest going with an item from Patagonia because these are actually *made* for the great outdoors and will stand up to use. In fact, people who own Patagonia clothing tend to have them for life.

    A close-up of the pullover sweater worn by a model

    27. A super cute suede mini skirt so obsession-worthy, you shouldn't be surprised when you find yourself seeking this out in your closet to wear every day.

    A close-up of the skirt worn by a model

    28. A Skims knit tank you can wear out but also wear in, because it's just so darn cooozy. Heck, you might even be tempted to sleep in it!

    The knit tank in brown worn by Kylie Jenner

    29. A pair of boyfriend jeans that feel so good to wear, one reviewer says it's as comfortable as yoga pants. Let's pop some champagne, people, because jeans that are *that* comfy is a win for humanity.

    A model wearing the jeans, hands tucked in pockets

    30. A semi-lace cover-up you can wear while lounging at home, by the pool, or by the beach. With this beaut, you'll feel like summer came early!

    A model wearing the dress in red with silver sandals

    Who looks good? *You* look good.

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