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    FYI: Sam's Club Is Offering A Ton Of Deals On Household Essentials Right Now

    Get ready to save $$$ on a ton of kitchen, bedroom, office, and beauty essentials.

    If you need to cross items off your shopping list, you'll definitely want to check out the fantastic Sam's Club New Year deals — there are discounts on home decor, office supplies, beauty essentials, comfy mattresses, and so much more! Think all the stuff you have to buy anyway... but at a discounted price.

    1. A king-sized Serta memory-foam mattress because this year, you're kissing restless, sleepless nights goodbye and saying hello to a brand new *and* ultra comfortable bed!

    The mattress placed on top of a bed frame

    2. A box of 28 Skinny Pop snacks for keeping your pantry well stocked with salty treats. If you're a big snacker like me, you *know* your pantry often needs to be replenished.

    A close-up of the box of Skinny Pop

    3. A nine pack of Air Wick air fresheners so you can keep your home smelling fresh for up to 60 days, and not like full garbage bins (yuck!), dirty laundry (no thanks), or sweaty dogs (if you have one).

    The oil freshener, plug in to the wall

    4. A box of 120 Glad garbage bags because if you live with three other roomies like me, you know the trash bin fills up *very* quickly. Plus, these are scented with Febreze so your kitchen won't smell like a landfill.

    A close up of the Glad box

    5. An Serta adjustable bed base that, at the push of a button, raises the foot or head of your bed.

    The bed base, raised

    6. A two pack of Olay evening moisturizer that'll keep your skin looking bright and smooth. A couple of reviewers even said it has helped lighten their acne scars! ~Magic~

    Two fingers dipped with the moisturizer

    7. A three pack of Dove body wash which not only cleanses but also moisturizes. This is extremely essential right now, since it's dry skin (read: winter) season.

    One of the bottles included in the pack, lying next to freshly cut cucumbers

    8. A three-pack of Dawn dish spray so you can easily remove grease and hardened food particles without scrubbing vigorously until your hand cramps. Seriously. Just spray, let it soak, then rinse — au revoir, scrubbing!

    The dish spray sprayed on dirty dishes

    9. A bottle of Pantene sulfate-free moisturizing shampoo for keeping your hair silky and smooth. Plus, it doesn't contain potentially damaging ingredients like sulfates, parabens, or dyes.

    A close-up of the Pantene bottle

    10. A pack of 12 Kleenex boxes because when you get the sniffles, you want tissues that are thick enough to absorb all of your goo but also soft enough that it doesn't irritate your skin.

    A close-up of the Kleenex box

    11. A two pack of Dove exfoliating body polish for when you want your skin to feel super soft, smooth, and moisturized. You'll feel like a brand new person whenever you emerge from the shower.

    A close up of the two exfoliating polish

    12. A giant bottle of Tide laundry soap because it's about time you stop ignoring the pile of dirty laundry growing in your room.

    A close-up of the giant Tide bottle

    13. A five-pack of Reebok seamless hipster underwear if you detest getting uncomfortable wedgies in the middle of your squats. They're breathable, stretchable, and snug, so you can exercise in the utmost comfort.

    A close-up of the underwear package

    14. A 25-pound bag of Purina cat food because while you're shopping for yourself, you might as well get something for Mr. Whiskers, too. Those food bowls don't refill themselves, people!

    A cat eating the cat food from a small bowl

    15. A six pack of BIC white-out pens so you can erase the ghost of typos past from your printed documents. Second chances really do exist.

    The white-out, uncapped, lying on a notebook

    16. A memory-foam queen mattress if you prefer sleeping in a firm bed. Who wants to sink in their bed, anyway? Certainly not you. What you need is *support*.

    The mattress, set on top of a gray bed frame

    In the middle of making your weekly shopping list? Be sure to check out allllll of the Sam's Club New Years deals first and prepare to save a *ton* of money on all of your household essentials.