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    31 Things From Walmart That’ll Transform Your Bedroom Into A Cozy Oasis

    You'll be so cozy, you'll make any excuse not to leave your room.

    1. A king-sized canopy as an extra barrier from the outside world, because don't you just hate hearing a lone fly buzz right by your ear when you're *just* about to doze off? This will cocoon you in supremely comfortable and uninterrupted sleep.

    The canopy hung from the ceiling and covering the bed

    2. A cushion chair that's so thick and comfortable, you will *not* want to leave. If only Postmates delivered food right through your bedroom window so you won't have to get out of the chair...

    A close-up of the chair

    3. A backrest pillow for when you're just lounging in bed, watching TikToks until you fall asleep at 11 p.m. (which I am NOT guilty of doing, by the way). This is better than a regular pillow because it supports your upper back, lower back, shoulders, and arms.

    The pillow leaned against the headboard

    4. A super cute Himalayan salt candle holder to give your room relaxing, moody vibes. Unlike electric Himalayan salt lamps, you can light a candle in it so you can watch, mesmerized, the lamp's *real* flickering flame.

    5. A fluffy area rug so when you wake up in the morning and get out of bed, the first thing your feet feel is the soft, warm sensation of stepping on a cloud, and not the frosty chill of a bare floor.

    The rug placed beside the bed

    6. A vinyl peel-and-stick wallpaper by Drew Barrymore for covering up your glaringly bare walls with designs that'll appease your eye for interior design. Plus, it's easy to remove: Simply peel off the full sheet — it won't leave residue behind.

    The wallpaper cover the bathroom walls

    7. An electric fireplace heater with two heat settings and overheating protection for giving your bedroom fireside vibes without the dangers of lighting a real fire. Plus, if you don't want the heat, you can turn *only* the flame on.

    The heater turned on

    8. A fleece, sherpa-lined blanket robe (with a pocket!!!) for when you wish you could walk around, roll around in bed, or lounge without it slipping off your body because you're just sooo darn cozy. Well, you can do all that and *still* be wrapped in your blanket because it's wearable!

    The blanket robe worn by a model sitting and reading

    9. A jaw-droppingly gorgeous (oooh la la!) quilt set by Drew Barrymore with a warm gold color that'll make you want to cozy up in bed *immediately*. Yes, please!

    The set fitted on a made bed

    10. A white noise machine that'll mask the hubbub of the outside world, because you really don't want to hear your neighbor's Parks and Rec reruns at 2 a.m when you're trying to sleep. It's fan-based, producing a sound similar to a whooshing wind or heavy rainfall.

    The machine being turned on by a model in bed

    11. A giant plush teddy bear that's (let's be honest) better at cuddling than your Tinder date. If you like to snuggle in bed, this is your perfect match.

    Two of the bears, one in brown and one in pink

    12. A pack of string lights with eight different lighting modes that you can hang on your wall or intertwine with your curtain. This will add a soft glow to your bedroom while you're relaxing late at night.

    The string lights hung by the bannister

    13. A blackout eye mask so you can sleep through disturbances, like sunshine or the bright lights of a passing car streaming through your windows, while you rest. According to one reviewer, this provides "total darkness." Perfect for light-sensitive sleepers!

    The mask worn by four different people in different sleeping situations

    14. A foldable serving tray for enjoying breakfast right from the comfort of your bed. And let's be honest, breakfast isn't going to be the only meal you'll be taking with you. (*Ahem* breakfast, lunch, and dinner *ahem*.)

    The foldable table placed in bed

    15. A notch-collar pajama set that'll help you get cozy while you slip under the sheets for a well-deserved snooze or while lounging in bed on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

    The pajama set worn by a model

    16. An electric wax warmer that's a safer alternative to lighting scented candles. Doubling as a desk light ( it *is* bright), this one gently melts scented wax, releasing the aroma throughout the room for ~ambience~.

    The warmer melting a cube of wax

    17. A pack of silicone putty ear plugs to block out the annoying sounds of living in a busy area, like your neighbor's late-night MCU marathon (*sigh*), wailing sirens (nope!), and nearby construction (ugh).

    The earplugs worn by a sleeping model

    18. A memory-foam mattress topper that'll transform your too-firm mattress into a soft sleeping haven. You'll be so comfy, you'll rue the day you have to leave your bed.

    The topper placed on top of a mattress

    19. An essential oil diffuser that'll soothe you not just with its olfactory-pleasing scents but also with its changing lights. It's super cute, you'll want it on your bedside table.

    The diffuser turned on and lit up

    20. A floor pillow for the days when you just want to ditch your bed to lounge on the floor. This will make your space *extra* cozy.

    Four of the cushions in different styles

    21. A room-darkening curtain that'll keep your bedroom comfy by buffering the light coming through the window without completely blocking it out. Plus, the bird design on it is super adorbs.

    The curtain hung up over a window

    22. A beautiful piece of canvas art that'll make your bedroom look more inviting, personalized, and lived-in, which all adds to making your space feel ~cozy~.

    The framed art hung on a white wall

    23. A decorative throw pillow that's *actually* comfortable to snuggle and not crunchy and firm like the others on the market. You gotta love the beauty and function combo.

    The throw pillows, one on a chair and one on the floor

    24. A storage ottoman that you can sit on while you read, place your feet on while you lounge, or store clutter that would otherwise spoil your bedroom's cozy vibes.

    25. A weighted blanket for the nights when you want to feel like you're sleeping in a warm, comforting embrace. One reviewer even said it has helped them feel calm, relaxed, and well rested.

    The blanket over a sleeping model

    26. A pair of bedroom slippers so you don't have to tread on a single square foot of cold floors ever again.

    A close-up of the slippers worn by a model

    27. A starry night projector so you can spend a very chill evening lying in bed and watching the galaxy play out on your ceiling.

    The starry lights projected all over a bedroom

    28. A Woodwick candle that — you'll love this — crackles like wood while it burns aaaand smells like cinnamon chai. With the scents and sounds combined, you'll feel like snuggling under the blankets in pure contentment.

    Two of the candles in varying sizes, one burning and one unlit

    29. A weave chair for giving your bedroom boho vibes and also giving you a place to sit and ~chill~.

    The chair placed in a boho-themed room

    30. An electric mug warmer, (my fav little gadget!) that'll keep your teas, coffees, and hot chocolates warm, so you don't have to leave the comfort of your room to reheat your beverage in the kitchen. Simply place this on your bedside table, plug in, and enjoy!

    The mug warmer on a bedside table with mug on top

    31. A Google Home Mini for when you feel like playing music that you could ~vibe~ to, like Dua Lipa's "Levitating" that I have on repeat. (Sorry, not sorry!)

    The circular speaker-like Google Home tools

    Cancel all my Zoom calls, 'cause I'm getting cozy in bed.

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