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    30 Things On Amazon Reviewers Already Love For Solving Common Pet Problems

    I got 99 problems and being a pet parent ain't one.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A seat belt tether for your dog, because you don't want Aroonald Weasley to jump into your arms while driving, making you swerve out of the road and into a Whomping Willow. One end clips into the leash and the other into the seat belt slot. Amazing!

    The seat belt securing a dog in place

    2. A treat tote that carries one cup's worth of dog treats, because your pupperinos won't roll over, sit, stay, hug, and shake for free, y'know. Plus, you can attach this pouch to your belt for easy access and use the drawstrings to quickly open and close.

    The pouch attached at someone's belt

    3. An Arm and Hammer rake, swivel bin, and pooper scooper, because the more distance between you and the byproduct of Rowena Ravenpaw's lunch, the better. The best part: The bags are scented so you don't have to smell it, either.

    The pooper scooper and bin in use

    4. A FURminator grooming rake that'll detangle Hairy Barker's stubborn mats. This one has rotating teeth for removing lose hair and an ergonomic handle for better grip. You don't want the rake to go flying when you're swishing and flicking, after all!

    The rake with fur between tines after brushing the cat

    5. A super durable and airtight food container. Do you honestly think Luna Lovedog would eat the stale kibble you keep in its opened bag? This one will keep food fresh and not crack open when the doggos try to break in.

    The container, opened, standing next to a dog

    6. A 15-ounce Greenies Pill Pockets, so you don't have to wrestle Sirius Bark to take his vitamins. These treats have a pocket that you can pinch closed, hiding the capsules your precious little poopsies like to spit out. Plus, it's chicken-flavored! Yum.

    The treat held in an open palm, next to two pills

    7. A food and water placemat that'll protect your beautiful wood floors from spills and messes when Meownerva McGonagall goes to chow town. If the mat gets icky, you can wash and hang it to dry by its super convenient loop.

    The peanut mat with food bowl and water fountain on top

    8. A 19-inch scratcher board, so Newt Scameownder will stop tearing your carpet to bits and pieces. Plus, this one has a fainting-couch curve to it, so your precious kitty can stretch out and lounge all day.

    The board with cat scratching on top

    9. A bag of 24 Greenies dental treats, because there's nothing worse than feeling woozy after giving a kiss to your dog with a terrible case of bad breath. These chews will help get rid of icky plaque and tartar. Plus, they're shaped like a TOOTHBRUSH. Super cute!

    Two of the treats held out to two eager dogs

    10. A stick-shaped chew toy, so Oliver Woof will finally stop bringing branches into the house. This one's made with natural wood fiber *and* synthetic material so it won't splinter when chewed on.

    The toy being chewed on by a dog

    11. A stuffing-free squeaky dog toy that won't burst fabric all over the place during play time. Also, this one has two squeakers to make two different sounds.

    The toy placed on top of its box

    12. A portable food container, which is a huge upgrade from the ziplock bags of kibble that rip open, spilling smelly pet food all over your bag. Plus, it has a handle so you can carry it easily.

    The container with food inside

    13. A 26-inch ball launcher because let's be real, picking up a ball with slobber all over isn't your favorite part of fetch.

    The catcher with ball, held up in front of a dog

    14. A dishwasher-safe slow feeder, so Furmione Granger doesn't scarf down her meal in one gulp. Plus, its labyrinth-like pattern will keep her entertained and engaged. Furmione sure loves a good puzzle!

    The filled bowl placed next to a puppy

    15. A stain-and-odor remover that'll erase the memory of your pets' smelly little presents. Just because they dealt it, doesn't mean you have to smell it.

    16. A mess-proof elevated feeder, so Draco Meowfoy doesn't get food and water all over the place when he's gobbling up his dinner. Plus, the elevation can prevent neck strain.

    The feeder with cat eating from one of the bowls

    17. A sofa cover that'll keep your pet's hair, drool, and unpleasant little accidents *away* from your furniture. After all, Snifferus Snape might be sneakily sleeping on your couch when you're away. (Even though he's not allowed.)

    The cover on couch with dog lying on top

    18. An organic grass growing kit, so you can finally direct Fur Delacour's munching *away* from your houseplants. Plus, these have easy-to-understand instructions that won't have you hissing expletives in frustration.

    The fully grown grass with two cats munching

    19. A no-pull harness for your doggo, because the next time a squirrel bounds around the corner, you'll want Dumbledog to be nice and secure when he tries to make a dash for it. Your shoulder will thank you.

    The harness secured on a walking dog

    20. A litter box disguised as a potted plant that my old roommate bought for her cat, and let me tell you, it is SO CUTE. In my opinion, it looks convincing, adding to our apartment's boho vibe. Plus, her cat went in, did his business, and went out, no problem.

    The litter box standing next to a curious cat

    21. A foldable ladder for your small fur babies not big enough to jump on the bed. It gives easy access to the bed, and you don't have to carry them up every time. It's a win-win!

    The stairs propped up against the bed

    22. A Roomba that'll spare your arms and back the aches and pains of sweeping fur off the floor. Why work so hard keeping it clean when this baby can do it for you? Plus, you can schedule it to vacuum using the app. ~So cool~.

    A close-up of the Roomba

    23. A set of waterproof Velcro dog shoes, so Pad Foot can stroll the city ~in style~ and in safety. These will protect his paws from getting scorched during a hot day and from getting wet when it's rainy.

    The shoes worn by a puppy

    24. A two-pack adjustable doorbell rope that you can hang over your door knobs. My roommate has one of these, and her dog tugs on it when it's potty time. A sound of the bells = gotta let the dog out!

    A puppy tugging on the rope hanging from a doorknob

    25. A grooming brush for your *very* furry friends, because you're not the only one who likes a little primping. Plus, you can use it to take off excess hair that would otherwise just tumble around the house like some sort of desert western scene.

    The brush next to a groomed dog and a lump of fur

    26. A Black + Decker handheld vacuum that'll suck up the hair Grindelwoo left on the couch for you, after rolling around on it. The best part: You can wash the bowl and filter once it gets too dirty. Neat!

    The vacuum, placed on top of a table

    27. An Arm and Hammer odor spray that'll shoo away the stinkies and keep your home smelling fresh. Just because you have a dog, doesn't mean your house has to smell like one.

    The spray held closely to the camera

    28. A Frontline flea and tick treatment for dogs, because the last thing you want is Grrrinny Weasley coming home with hitchhiking bugs. (Nope!) And since it's waterproof, baths wouldn't wash away the protection. Yay!

    A close-up of the Frontline box

    29. A packet of Burt's Bee's dander-reducing wipes that'll moisturize Purrter Pettigrew's dry and flaky skin. This is made from all-natural ingredients, BTW, so don't worry about harsh chemicals that your cat might be allergic to.

    The packet of wipes held up next to a cat

    30. A super absorbent Glad training pad for puppers prone to having oopsies on the floor. AND — now this part's super cool — it turns pee to gel, so you don't walk away with dripping pads during clean-up. AH ~MAY~ ZING

    The bag of training pads, held closely to the camera

    You relaxing after buying these super convenient items and changing your life.

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