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    5 Ways to Prevent Your Partner from Cheating

    Check out these preventative ways to keep your partner yours!

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    Many times, we get into relationships where we question ourselves, our partner, their actions, and even our own actions at times. We need to be a whole person first and foremost, before getting into a relationship. It's essential to have a clean slate when you go into a new relationship. You shouldn't bring any baggage from previous situations, as well as any hurt or wounds from things that you might've experienced.

    When it comes to trusting someone, there are people that will give all of their trust upfront and then slowly take the trust away if someone lies or is deceitful in any way. Other times, people slowly give their trust in new situations, and cautiously build that trust based on the foundation of the new relationship.

    When it comes to cheating, we'd all like to avoid it at all costs. We'd like to know automatically and feel rest assured that our partners would never cheat on us, no matter what, and under any circumstances. It's important to have faith, give your partner the benefit of the doubt, and go into new situations in which you trust your partner, and vice versa.

    Lacking trust in a relationship can bring an incredible amount of unnecessary drama, pain, heartache, and turbulence into the relationship. If you can avoid not trusting your partner, and at all costs, giving them the benefit of the doubt, you'll be in a much better position.

    The whole point is creating happiness within the relationship. Relationships are never happy when there's dishonesty, cheating, or any other type of disloyalty or deceit. I decided to create a list of five ways to prevent your partner from cheating. Even though I'm creating this list, it's important to remember that when someone is a shady person, and they're selfish in many ways, if they want to cheat, then they will do just that.

    All you need to do is be aware, and be cautious in new relationships. If you see any sign of dishonesty or cheating, it's important to confront your partner and make sure that what you're feeling, seeing, or even hearing is accurate before jumping to conclusions, and assuming the worst. If you find out that your partner is cheating on you, my advice would be to leave. Having said that, to each their own, and here's my list.

    1. Give your partner enough attention:

    Give them attention in every way, which includes affection, intimately, and connect with him/her on as many levels as possible.

    2. Try to create a peaceful and loving environment:

    Be a product of nurture and love. Just as anyone else wouldn't want to be around someone that's always angry, distressed, or in misery, neither will your partner. Don't get me wrong, I don't believe that people should only be together during the good times. However, if all your partner witnesses when he's around you is drama or discomfort and pain, he's likely going to want to get nurture and love elsewhere.

    3. Try to spice things up:

    Whether you're spicing things up in the bedroom, or simply taking care of yourself by dressing fashionably or staying physically fit, your partner will likely appreciate the variety that you provide.

    4. Pick a good partner:

    I'm going to have to be very direct when I say this. This entire list would be a bunch of baloney if I didn't accurately state that if you pick a good partner, they won't cheat. If you pick someone for all of the right reasons, and basically, they pick you right back, they won't be unfaithful. Make sure that your partner and you are with each other for the right reasons, and without any ulterior motive.

    5. Be each other's best friends:

    The truth is, you should want to be in a relationship and even more so marry someone who's your best friend. Your best friend will likely never want to hurt you or cause you any discomfort or pain in life. If anything, your best friend would like to avoid causing you distress, and protecting you from those that cause it to you. It's highly unlikely that your best friend would ever cheat on you.

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