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36 Questions I Have For The People Who Made Pixar's "Cars"

This movie makes zero sense.

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2. Who made the gas stations? Did the CARS do it?

3. HOW did the cars do it? They have no hands! They're cars!

4. Who built the cars??

5. Did the cars evolve?


7. Did the cars murder them?

8. Where did these cars come from???


10. If the cars did somehow evolve from a post-apocalyptic earth after humans destroy themselves, why do the cars keep running the earth as if humans still lived there?

11. Why are they maintaining a capitalist, commercial-based society?

13. Do these cars think they're humans?

14. Did murdering the actual humans "drive" them insane?

15. Are the existing cars building new cars?

16. Do they salvage parts from dead cars? Is that considered morbid?

17. Do they reproduce? Is there some sort of weird car sex going on? How would that work?


19. Do the male cars have some sort of metal car dick or something?

20. Can cars buy other cars? Wouldn't that be slavery?

21. Where are they getting their gas? From the Middle East?

22. How do they get to the Middle East? Can they swim the ocean? They're CARS.

23. Why do the cars have seats? Who is sitting in these cars? Other cars?

25. Do the cars have to learn how to drive?

26. Do they need a driver's license?

27. Why do the cars need houses??

28. Why do the tractors sleep in a field?

29. Why are there tractors?

31. Is there some sort of agricultural production happening in this car world?

32. Cars don't need food?!

33. Isn't a world run by cars going to global warming hell in 10 years anyhow?

34. Did you even think this concept through?

35. You made this movie just so you could sell the merchandise, didn't you?

36. WHY ARE THEY CARS????????

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