17 Things Only A Hyperactive Person Will Understand


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1. Actually physically not being able to control your excitement.

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Sometimes your hands twitch or your foot taps. What's wrong? You're excited. About what? EVERYTHING.

5. The feeling of being passionate about almost everything.

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There's a new addition to Netflix!!!! My favorite band from third grade is releasing a new album!!!! I bought new socks!!!!!!

11. Your hyper-ness makes for a lot of socially awkward moments.

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No one else is excited about how clean the bathrooms are at this bar and wants to have a full conversation about it????

14. Dates where you're just sitting there are so AWKWARD.

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You want me to sit at this restaurant table? Just sit here? For an hour? Are you sure? Okay let's just talk. But my hands will be flailing everywhere during this conversation. Actually. Let's just go.

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