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9 DIYs You Can Totally Make From Old, Unused Books

Books are PRECIOUS. Make them immortal.

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Whether it be a book you've had for years and will never read again, or a collection of them from yard sales...don't just send them to a thrift shop. (But make sure you use books that you don't mind not reading again!)

1. The "Vintage Book Wreath"

What You'll Need: A vintage book with over 100 pages (this one's from a Shakespeare play found for 50 cents!), paper rolling skills, a hot glue gun, a cardboard donut shape, hanging string, and patience!

The simple breakdown:

1. Roll about 1/3 of the pages from the book into the cone shapes you see above.

2. Tie your hanging string onto the cardboard cutout.

3. Glue your paper cones onto the cardboard cutout.

4. Wait for it to dry.

Full instructions here.

2. Unique Bookmarks / Via

What You'll Need: The spine of a worn-down book, cardstock, matte gel glue, and some pretty little ribbon.

The easy-peasy step-by-step:

1. Use a paper slicer or sharp scissors to remove the spine from your book.

2. Use the matte gel glue to connect the cardstock to the back of the spine for durability.

3. If you'd like to use a ribbon to add flair, punch a hole near the top of the spine and simply loop the ribbon through.

4. Be the talk of the town.

In-depth step-by-step here.

3. Book Page Ornament / Via

What You'll Need: A clear glass or plastic ornament set (you can get these at the dollar store!) and a few shredded pages from an old book.

The simplest directions of your life:

1. Take a few book pages and put them sideways through your shredder.

2. Collect the pages and slide them inside your clear ornament.

3. Step aside to allow people to gaze in wonder at your creation.

4. Mod-Podge Tabletop

What You'll Need: Lots of Mod Podge (amount depends on the size of the table), a table, a brush, and of course, lots of old book pages.

How do I do this?

1. Layer Mod Podge on the Table and place pages according to your own strategy. Add another layer over your base and so on, until the table is covered.

2. Spray some waterproof seal after covering, and you've made a cool-as-hell table.

More deets here.

5. Vintage Shelf

What You'll Need: L bracket, carpet knife, a variety of wood screws, tape measure, glue, and of course, OLD BOOKS!

How do I even do this?!

1. Believe in yourself.

2. Read the full instructions here. (They get a little lengthy, but again, you can do it!)

6. Side Table Made of Books

What You'll Need: Lots and lots of books you'll never read again, a glass tabletop (preferably with rounded edges so you don't hurt yourself), hot glue gun.

How to make this masterpiece:

1. Measure how long your space is, and create your stacks of books accordingly.

2. Once you've created a leveled, evenly-shaped design, glue your books together so they stay. Be careful not to use too much so that messy-looking glue doesn't taint the aesthetics of your creation!

3. Place your glass tabletop so that you can see your books and your hard work!

For those great with drills, instructions for a side table version are here.

8. Kindle or Nook Case

What You're Gonna Need: Exacto knife, scissors, cutting board, glue, felt, an old belt, and an old book!

Let's do this:

1. Pick out a book that's larger than your Nook or Kindle, and thick enough to hold it as well.

2. Draw out and cut the size of your e-reader on the very first page, leaving space around the edges to hold it in (if the border is too small, it'll be too weak to hold your reader!).

3. *This requires patience*- Glue all pages together, one at a time. Then put weight on the book and let it dry.

4. Once it's dried, take your Exacto knife and clean up edges to your liking.

5. For a way to keep your case closed, use an old belt or strap and latch!

Detailed step-by-step here.

9. Gift Box / Via

What You'll Need: Mod Podge, Exacto knife, Ruler, Pencil, and a hardcover book (obviously!)

How do I even...? (These are a lot like the e-reader case instructions!)

1. On the first page in the book, mark a rectangle measurement based on the size you want your box to be.

2. Use your Exacto knife to cut the edges drawn on the first page, cutting multiple layers at one time.

3. When you've dug to the depth you desire, use Mod Podge to cover all edges of the book. Get between the pages!

4. Let Mod Podge dry.

5. Decorate your book as you please, if you wish!

More details on this project right here.

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