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8 Creepy Stories And Inspirations Behind "American Horror Story" Characters

Warning: Graphic wording, images, and spoilers.

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1. Madame Delphine LaLaurie, Coven / Via

Not only was Kathy Bates terrifying in this season of AHS, but the most terrifying part is that her character was based on an actual person.

LaLaurie was a wealthy socialite in the early 1800s who, like many other southerners at the time, had household slaves. Rumors circulated that she treated hers horribly, even for that period in time. One night, she took her actions too far, chasing one of the young girls around the house with a whip, until the girl tried to leap off the roof and smashed on the stone ground below. A man who had seen the young woman's demise reported LaLaurie to the police, and she was forced to pay a fine and sell her slaves.

LaLaurie managed to purchase them back through a sly helper at an auction, and continued to be torturous. In 1834, a fire set by a kitchen staff member attracted outside help, and when the firemen showed up, (rumor has it) that what they found behind bolted doors made them actually sick to their stomachs: human bodies with amputated limbs, mouths sewn shut, broken limbs...bodies of people that were still alive.

Angry mobs of people who had found out the truth about the LaLaurie household gathered to destroy the residence. LaLaurie and her husband managed to escape, and no one knows what truthfully happened to the two.

2. Doctor Charles Montgomery, Murder House

Matt Ross portrays the...creative... Dr. Charles Montgomery in season one, who has a "Frankenstein Complex" and helps take care of the Black Dahlia's body when Dentist David Curran accidentally kills her.

The inspiration for this character has not been verified by the creators of AHS, but some spooky connections have been made between the character and some real-life people, according to the American Horror Story Wiki. First, the name Charles Montgomery was actually the alias of a member of the Manson Family named Tex Watson. He was said to be Manson's "right hand man", and was convicted in the 1969 Tate-LaBianca murders.

Another strange, yet distant connection is that of the character's similarities to a prominent surgeon in the 1940s. In the show, Montgomery is shown to have sliced the Black Dahlia's body to assist Dentist Curran. In the 1940s, a man named Doctor Walter Bayley, a surgeon who lived a block away from the lot Elizabeth Short's body was found in, was named a suspect in the Black Dahlia murder.

3. Kit and Alma Walker, Asylum

Evan Peters and Britne Oldford play a low-key couple (due to racial injustice at the time) whose lives have supposedly been torn apart by the alien abduction of Alma.

Producer Tim Minear explained that real-life couple Barney and Betty Hill in the 50s and 60s inspired Kit and Alma's controversial story. They were one of the first widely-reported alien abduction stories in America. The couple claimed that on one night in September 1961, while returning home from a vacation, they saw an unidentified flying object in the sky that first seemed "like an airplane", before it began descending toward them and hovered above their car. They explained that they found themselves forgetting what happened in the hours following the UFO spotting, but remember finding themselves in strange places, miles from the direction of their home. In the years following the experience, the Hills relayed details under hynposis of a supposed kidnapping by aliens on the UFO.

To this day, it is still speculated whether or not the Hills' story is true.

4. Marie Laveau, Coven

On Coven, Angela Bassett is the Voodoo Queen opposite Kathy Bates's LaLaurie. She's been alive since the 1800s, and when LaLaurie appears in the present-day, Laveau is ready for revenge for the things she did to Laveau's love.

The real Marie Laveau was known as the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans from the 1820s to the 1860s, and was also called a "dealer in the black arts", someone to be "dreaded and avoided". Many respected and feared her, and others claimed they'd seen her in questionable situations, with her clan in abandoned places, performing strange rituals in the nude.

She passed away in 2000, and people still visit her grave, hoping she'll grant their wishes from the dead.

5. Jimmy Darling "Lobster Boy", Freak Show

Evan Peters plays Jimmy Darling, a man born with a disease that fused his fingers together to look like "lobster hands", that he explains makes women nervous to be touched by him. He also uses them to his advantage when he has a chance.

A man in the mid-1900s was the inspiration for Peters' character. Grady Franklin Stiles, Jr. had a condition which caused his fingers and toes to fuse together, called ectrodactyly. His performer name was "Lobster Boy".

A twice-married man with children, Grady had a dark side, known as an abusive drunk. When his oldest daughter became engaged in 1978, Stiles did not approve, and murdered the groom on the eve of the young couple's wedding with a shotgun.

He was killed by an assassin in 1993, a neighbor to the Stiles family, hired by Grady's first wife whom he had recently remarried.

6. The Black Dahlia, Murder House

Mena Suvari portrays Elizabeth Short, the aspiring actress who was brutally killed in 1947 before her body was dumped in an L.A. lot. Her body was found by a mother taking a morning stroll to a shoe cobbler.

In real life, the Black Dahlia been described as "troubled", a "tease", and "naive", but no matter what, she has become one thing over the past six decades: fascinating. Her body was found sliced in two, with three-inch gashes on either side of her mouth, giving her the "smile of a deranged clown".

Her violent murder remains unsolved, and the Police Department of Los Angeles has long given up attempting to continue the case. Many presume the killer has likely been dead for years.

7. Bette and Dot Tattler, Freak Show

Sarah Paulson's incredible performance as two conjoined people in Freak Show, along with many of the other characters in the season, has been highly speculated as a reference to the 1932 film Freaks. While Bette and Dot have a horrible secret that lands them in the hospital to be found by Elsa, the real-life twins that may have inspired Paulson's characters have a sad story of their own-- minus the blood we see on AHS.

Violet and Daisy Hilton were siamese twins born in the early 1900s, joined at the pelvis. The girls were rejected by their mother and sold to a woman they called "Auntie", the first person to put them on display for a fee to audiences. The girls were placed on stages from Germany to Australia to eventually the U.S., where they performed alongside legends like Charlie Chaplin. But life wasn't luxurious: the girls were taken advantage of, held captive, rarely seeing any of the profits made.

They were set free of all contracts by a lawyer in the 1930s, finally beginning to live life on their own for the first time. They performed for years following, until being hired to work in a North Carolina grocery store in the 1960s. One day in January 1969, the girls failed to show up to work, and the police found them dead in their home. Reports state Daisy died first, while Violet remained alive for four more days, still attached, before peacefully passing on as well.

8. The Axeman, Coven

Danny Huston is the mysterious Axeman, who writes a letter to New Orleans before his arrival letting them know that he will spare the lives of those in houses playing jazz music. The ladies of the Coven ignore his demand so that they can attempt to kill him upon entering. He ends up being the love interest of Fiona, and spooks us the entire season until he is brutally murdered by the Coven in the end.

Huston's character is based off of a real-life killer, who would break into New Orleans homes in 1918 and 1919 and murder women and sometimes men with their own axes or razors. Huston's character's request for homes to play jazz music in order to save their own lives was based off of an actual letter written by the Axeman himself. He ended up not killing anyone the night the letter was written. But for all of the other bodies over a span of two years, he was never caught and therefore never identified.

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