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27 Reasons Studying Abroad In England Ruins You For Life

Mostly because it's bloody perfect.

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6. Because once you've had Yorkshire pudding, you'll demand it at every meal for the rest of your life.

7. Because you'll never live a life so laid back as you did in England.*

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*Yes, this tends to happen when going abroad anywhere, but it's definitely noticeable in England.


10. Because Nando's is NOT the same anywhere else.

I don't care if there are other ones in the world. They're not the real ones.

11. Because you're convinced no other pub you drink at ever will be as historic and cool as the ones in Britain.

12. Because you lived only a few hours from royalty at any given time.

Comrade Foot / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 56380734@N05

And you wished every night that Kate might show up when you went out for a drink (IT'S POSSIBLE).


14. Because no grocery store is as perfect as Tesco.

Even after conversion rates, it is like the least expensive grocery store ever, you're pretty sure.

16. Because you don't have a view like this at your home.

But you did at your home abroad. *sigh*


20. Because the crepes are to be reckoned with.

Having a crepe in London 😋

23. Because your campus was incredibly beautiful.


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