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24 Taylor Swift Reactions For Everyday Situations

Awkward dance moves included.

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1. When your song comes on and you DGAF who is watching:

2. When someone's sarcastic and you're not in the mood:

You're like, soooo funny.

3. When someone compliments you:

"Oh, stop it, you." *blushes*

4. When someone is ~trying~ to rock the same outfit as you:

Ew, how about no.

5. When you're just overly emotional:

"They'll tell you I'm insane."

6. When your ex likes your Instagram pic:


7. When you're feelin' like a flirt:

Get it, Tay Tay.

8. When your parents are being overly embarrassing:

~Just stop OMG~

9. When you have no idea what just happened:

Hopefully you'll look just as gorgeous as Tay.

10. When your comeback is on point:

Yeah, I went there.

11. When someone says you look good and you didn't even try:

"Who, me?"

12. When you're just damn tired:

13. When everything's amazing:

~Feelin' myself~

14. When you want to not do things:


15. When you're ~pondering life~:

Oh, universe, what do you have in store?

16. When you literally can't even:


17. When you see pictures from your awkward phase:

Or maybe even pictures from last weekend. Your phase could be at any time in your life.

18. When someone unfollows you on Instagram:

Your loss, I'm hilarious.

19. When your hair looks amazing:

Bow down, peasants.

20. When someone is talking shit:

Watch your back, bitch.

21. When you're feeling sly:

~Ready for trouble~

22. When you're feeling sassy:

23. When you're off your game:

We all have our days.

24. And, most importantly, when you've got a lonely Starbucks lovers:

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