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    23 Things Shamelessly Frugal People Will Understand

    "I could probably just make that."

    1. You've had a savings account since you found out what a savings account was. / Via

    And you're saving it for something important. Even if you're not sure what.

    2. When you get a great deal, you feel like you're walking on air.


    *tries to breathe slowly* I MUST TELL EVERYONE.

    3. Your friends are amazed at your money-saving skills.


    But they still know not to ask you to pay for things.

    4. Sneaking food into places has become a perfected art.

    The Weinstein Company

    Hiding snacks in your coat pocket at the movies, even bringing your own beer to the bars in your purse...the feeling of shame is at level zero.

    5. Anytime the opportunity arises to get something free, you leap at it.


    It's totally fine if someone offers. Gawd.

    6. You'll go to incredible lengths to save money.


    You're on the level of anywhere from Extreme Couponing to Extreme Cheapskates, and nothing less. You'll hitch a ride from a friend of a friend if it means not having to pay for gas money.

    7. And if you're not an expert at it yet, you're certainly getting there.

    In fact, you're starting to think Goodwill may be a little pricey for your liking...

    8. Seeing an item in-store and thinking, "I could make that."

    Whether you're a DIY mastermind or not, you gave it a shot, which is what matters. Now comes the anxiety of deciding to buy the actual thing.

    9. Money from every single paycheck goes into savings.


    It just comforts you. You may need it for (insert moment in future that you're not even sure you'll need the money for but you want to save it anyway).

    10. Shows like Extreme Couponing are inspiring to you.



    11. Getting free samples is one of your favorite things.


    Because you have to know if you'll love something before you spend any money on it.

    12. It takes you hours, days, even weeks to decide if you'll buy something you want.


    And you'll still feel guilty in the days following your purchase.

    13. In fact, it sometimes takes you that long to buy things you need.

    Columbia Pictures

    Do I really have to pay for things? With money? Near humans?

    14. And buying something you need always surpasses buying something you want.

    Warner Bros.

    No matter how bad you want it.

    15. Brand names barely matter, if at all.

    20th Century Fox

    The store-brand works just as well. And is, like, $1,000,000 cheaper anyway. When you decide to spend your money, that is.

    16. Ordering off the kids' menu is still a thing, years after being a "kid".

    It's basically the same amount of food. But it costs less. Duh.

    17. You manage to squeeze out every last bit of every product you buy.

    There's no point in buying more if you still have some left. Obviously.

    18. Paying full price for anything is out of the question.


    It's totally possible to get a discount on every single thing on earth. Do your research.

    19. Actually, you're really good at convincing yourself that you don't need to buy things. / Via

    You can walk into a store, pick up 12 things you want, but can easily talk yourself out of each item without a second thought.

    20. Buying something you want is a huge deal.

    And it happens on only the most special of occasions.

    21. You don't ignore change when you find it.


    It adds up.

    22. "Accidentally" spending a lot of money just isn't something that happens in your life.


    You could never be drunk enough to blow $300 at the bar.

    23. Sometimes, you think money could solve all of your problems.

    But then again, it still probably wouldn't be enough.