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23 Things Shamelessly Frugal People Will Understand

"I could probably just make that."

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4. Sneaking food into places has become a perfected art.

The Weinstein Company

Hiding snacks in your coat pocket at the movies, even bringing your own beer to the bars in your purse...the feeling of shame is at level zero.


6. You'll go to incredible lengths to save money.


You're on the level of anywhere from Extreme Couponing to Extreme Cheapskates, and nothing less. You'll hitch a ride from a friend of a friend if it means not having to pay for gas money.


9. Money from every single paycheck goes into savings.


It just comforts you. You may need it for (insert moment in future that you're not even sure you'll need the money for but you want to save it anyway).


19. Actually, you're really good at convincing yourself that you don't need to buy things. / Via

You can walk into a store, pick up 12 things you want, but can easily talk yourself out of each item without a second thought.

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