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    21 Hilarious Valentines Only "Bob's Burgers" Fans Will Appreciate

    *Hopes they're all from Jimmy Jr.* (A little NSFW).

    1. This masterpiece:

    The dance moves are an added bonus.

    2. This one that makes you wanna flip your hair and walk past cute boys:

    3. This one that's better than a dance off:

    4. This one that's just straight to the point:

    Hey, it could work.

    5. This one for when you want to speed things up:

    It happens.

    6. This beautiful quote from the princess of romance:

    7. This one for your inner Louise:

    We all have one.

    8. For that special person you finally like as much as your pet:

    But let's be real, you'll always like your pet more. ALWAYS.

    9. This confidence-booster:

    Makes you wonder if anyone already has written about you, eh?

    10. For when you're ~feelin' flirty~:

    No one says it better than Linda.

    11. For the awkward one who still has a lot of romantic feelings:

    Uh, thanks.

    12. For that cutie-with-a-booty in your life:

    *Express mails to Jimmy Jr.*

    13. For when you're just feeling in the mood and completely forward:

    There's nothing wrong with that. Go for it.

    14. For those of us who know everything's better with fart noises:

    Romance isn't really romance without fart noises. Obviously.

    15. For when you're really confident in how your Valentine's day will go:

    Get ready, peasants.

    16. For when the other person doesn't even have a say in the matter:

    You love me, you know it.

    17. For when you've found someone that you love as much as your career:

    Or at least the amount of love is close.

    18. This one for when you just can't exactly put your emotions into words properly:

    19. For when the other person needs to know there are limits this Valentine's day:

    20. For someone you kind of hate, but you like them, too:

    It's a joke. Or is it?

    21. And this one:

    The perfect Valentine to out-Valentine them all.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

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