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19 Gorgeous Tiny Tattoos For The Disney-Obsessed

It really is a small world.

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1. This unique Pocohontas-inspired design.

2. This mini Minnie.

3. This design made for those who won't grow up.

4. This precious vintage Pooh.

5. This bit of inspirational calligraphy.

6. This gorgeous Mary Poppins silhouette.

7. This teeny Mickey.

8. This Up reference.

9. These spooky Skellingtons.

10. These petite princesses.

11. This gorgeous Cinderella castle.

12. This subtle Minnie tattoo.

13. This adorable baby Simba.

14. This incredibly simple design.

15. This itsy-bitsy Lilo & Stich tattoo.

16. This bitty Bambi.

17. This problem-free philosophy.

18. This homage to the Happiest Place on Earth.

19. And this curiously small quote by a cat.

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