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18 Signs You Were Born To Be Sassy

*flips hair* Deal with it.

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1. You seemed to master sarcasm before any other language.

People think you're joking, but you're not.

2. Your role models are the fiercest ladies and gents, and nothing less.

The CW

3. You totally pull off resting bitch face.


And you've never and never will apologize for it.

4. You don't even flinch when someone says you're "being a bitch."

I'm actually just being myself. BYE.

5. Your comebacks are always on-point.

Paramount Pictures

*drops mic*

6. You don't take shit from ANYONE.

Paramount Pictures

7. You own your sassiness.

Don't like it? You're dismissed.

8. Your confidence is unparalleled.

You were born a star.

9. You don't allow yourself to be embarassed.


Embarrassing? More like innovative.

10. You're not above being honest.


Honesty is your only policy.

11. You are 100% yourself, and won't change for anyone.


All negative opinions will be placed in the nearest trash can.

12. You don't allow yourself to wallow in self-pity.


You know you're amazing and can do anything. Because you're you.

13. You don't chase anyone.


Get in line, boys.

14. You're always up for a challenge.

Why turn down something you know you'll be perfect at anyway?

15. Everyone's always trying to be like you.

Paramount Pictures.

Gather 'round, peasants.

16. You're the life of the party.

People always want you around because you DGAF about what anyone thinks.

17. You don't wait for anyone.

You have places to go and people who want to see you.

18. And even when you're not trying to be sassy, people think you are.

~not sorry it comes naturally~

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