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18 Gifts Twentysomethings Actually Want For Christmas

*texts wish list to Santa*

1. For someone to pay off our student loans.

E! / Via

*Real* adults could pull some strings, right? RIGHT?

2. An unlimited supply of pizza.

"Wake up, pizza. Post up, pizza."

3. And/or an unlimited supply of coffee.

Paramount Pictures / Via

I mean, we'd be spending money on it anyway.

4. A credit card that someone else pays off.

CBS / Via

"I'll just put it on the plastic."

5. Alcohol.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Does there need to be an explanation?

6. More social media likes.

SNL Studios / Via

Guys, we all know how good I look.

7. Free brunch.

NBC / Via

You can just hand me the money, I'll go alone. More for me.

8. A few extra hours to sleep in.

That's something you can just put on a gift card, right?

9. For someone else to pay for our Netflix account.

Disney / Via

Or just give me your password.

10. An apartment that someone else pays for.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

I mean, maybe we just need some money.

11. A magic potion to get rid of hangovers.

DreamWorks / Via

I was having fun 'til it was over.

12. For someone to make dinner for us.

CBS / Via

Besides just on holidays. Until then, we're really good at making pasta.

13. For someone to do our laundry for us.


Unless you live with your parents, in which case: SAVOR EVERY MOMENT.

14. A date with our favorite celebrity.



15. Basically for someone to fill our bank account.


16. A "big kid job" that also doesn't suck.

NBC / Via


17. A vacation.

E! / Via

Do we need "big kid jobs" to feel like we need a break?

18. Did we mention alcohol?

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