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18 Gifts Twentysomethings Actually Want For Christmas

*texts wish list to Santa*

1. For someone to pay off our student loans.

2. An unlimited supply of pizza.

3. And/or an unlimited supply of coffee.

4. A credit card that someone else pays off.

5. Alcohol.

6. More social media likes.

7. Free brunch.

8. A few extra hours to sleep in.

9. For someone else to pay for our Netflix account.

10. An apartment that someone else pays for.

11. A magic potion to get rid of hangovers.

12. For someone to make dinner for us.

13. For someone to do our laundry for us.

14. A date with our favorite celebrity.

15. Basically for someone to fill our bank account.

16. A "big kid job" that also doesn't suck.

17. A vacation.

18. Did we mention alcohol?