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    28 Things You Can Only Relate To If You Grew Up As A Third Culture Kid

    You basically belong everywhere and nowhere and you ~own~ it.

    What is a Third Culture Kid?

    According to US sociologist Ruth Hill Useem, Third Culture Kids (or TCKs), are "children who spend their formative years in places that are not their parents’ homeland."

    1. “Where are you from?” is The Number One Question that you do not know the answer to.

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    Next question, please!

    2. You've learned early on that "home" is more the people in it and not the place.

    Britoholic/Tumblr / Via

    3. You’re almost always excited to meet someone from one of the places you’ve lived.

    GIPHY / Via

    Even if they're not at all excited to meet you.

    4. You have at least one thing in common with them...even if it’s just the same food places you miss.

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    Whataburger, FTW.

    5. Or even just the knowledge that the small town you both used to live in exists in the first place.


    Out there in the middle of nowhere.

    6. People may point out that you travel a lot.


    But you’re really just visiting loved ones who happen to live far, far away.

    7. Jet lag is the name of the game.

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    And you're rarely winning.

    8. You officially speak a minimum of 2.5 languages.

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    9. You speak a different language, or have an accent depending on who you're talking to.

    BBC Three / Via

    And where on the map you guys are having this conversation.

    10. Trying new foods are a way of life.


    And you're probably a self-proclaimed foodie.

    11. Long-distance anything doesn’t scare you.


    Where there's a will, there is a way.

    12. FaceTime is considered an official hang-out.

    GIPHY / Via

    Once you figure out the right timezone that works.

    13. Your phone buzzes around the clock.

    Teen Vogue/GIPHY / Via

    Because your friends and fam are scattered all over the globe and replies know no timezones.

    14. You repeat holiday celebrations within the span of three days.

    GIPHY / Via

    It was midnight “over there” first. Now, it's Christmas Eve again. And Christmas Day. Again.

    15. You’ve probably moved schools about five times on average.

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    Maybe even before you started high school.

    16. Which made it hard to make ~new~ friends.

    GIPHY / Via

    Every. Single. Time. You. Move.

    17. Since you probably already had your core set of BFFs.

    GIFER / Via

    Who you go back to see whenever you go "home".

    18. When you do make friends, they are from all walks of life.

    Tenor / Via

    Who has the time to discriminate?

    19. You didn't really have a "group" in school because you were a part of multiple groups.

    GIPHY / Via

    ***Most likely to this day.

    20. You have a lot of acquaintances.

    direwolf-ofwinterfell / Via

    21. And your dating life is...complicated.

    GIPHY / Via

    22. You likely have a multicultural dating history.

    GIPHY / Via

    Because what's the point if you're not also learning new things about your S.O.'s culture and way of life?

    23. You consider yourself a perpetual tourist.

    GIPHY / Via

    You get excited when you're visiting old hometowns and landmarks no matter how many times you've been there.

    24. But you also volunteer yourself as every one of your hometown's unofficial tour guide.


    You're both a local and a tourist. It's ironic that way.

    25. Short visits with loved ones you haven’t seen in ~years~ are the absolute worst.

    GIPHY / Via

    Short visits = just two weeks!!

    26. That's why you like to take a lot of photos…because #memories.

    GIPHY / Via

    You take as much as you can because you never know when you'll be able to get a chance to visit them again.

    27. And even if you've wished at some point in all your moving to belong to just one place...

    Paramount Movies / Via

    28. You probably wouldn't trade the adventure of being a TCK.

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