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    25 Things You Experience During Your Killing Eve Withdrawal Because Of Its Long Hiatus

    [This is for the Editorial Fellowship] You know when you've done everything to cope?

    So that season two finale happened...

    And you're trying to figure out how to survive this long hiatus

    of *counts* 1-2-3-4-5-...9 months...nine months?!

    So, you start searching on Amazon Prime...

    Then, Netflix...

    You obviously start with Doctor Foster

    You then watch every single Sandra Oh movie in existence

    Then, you go back on Amazon Prime to start Thirteen

    You search YouTube for anything else that Jodie's worked on

    And I oop–

    #Villaneve crack!vids start popping up on your recos

    View this video on YouTube / Via YouTube

    You watch five in a row. Maybe ten. All your recommendations are now #villaneve.

    You've even started reading books again

    You then research all about Killing Eve's premiere screenwriter Phoebe Waller-Bridge

    You binge-watch Fleabag

    You also finish Phoebe Waller-Bridge's Crashing

    Bonus: During your intensive research, you've also come across Gentleman Jack who you just found out to be The Doctor Foster?!

    You're doing everything sanely possible to cope...

    Because of course, you absolutely watch Killing Eve for the plot

    That's why you miss it so much

    You can't stop thinking about it

    You think about it all the time

    Sooooo how much longer? This is getting booooRiiiing.

    And when someone finally asks how you're doing

    You also tell them you're pretty sure you're British now too because of all these British shows you've binged back to back

    So, Killing Eve stans, how is the hiatus treating you?