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    19 Fleabag Feels For Your Awkward Self At Holiday Dinner Parties

    When we find ourselves in times of trouble, Fleabag comes to us in weird, GIF-able faces fit for every occasion that requires #socialinteraction.

    Here’s some painfully, relatable Fleabag moments to remind us that we're not alone in our awkwardness this holiday season.

    When you finally arrive at the party and you don’t know if you're too early or no one you know actually showed up

    When you have to do ~*small talk*~ after introductions and you just hope they don’t realize how awk you really are

    When someone you know finally acknowledges you

    When dinner finally starts and you realize you actually have to have real conversations with people…real live humans…

    When you just want to eat your meal and you see everyone chatting up everybody else

    When you start cracking jokes to calm your nerves and nobody laughs

    When you suddenly get asked out by the person you’ve been talking to for longer than two minutes and all you wanted was to not talk to another new person

    When a new acquaintance’s conversation starter is something political that they think you’ll ~*specifically*~ agree with

    When they continually to passionately argue about their stance on multiple world issues like a verbal powerpoint

    When they just won’t let the topic drop and they finally ask you about your opinion

    When you finally move on to a new acquaintance and they start bragging about all their accomplishments in bullet point format

    And the unsolicited comparison game starts

    When you can't think of a topic for #smalltalk so you compliment them and you realize it's about something they’re actually not proud of...

    When they finally ask you about yourself…and all they can say is "For real?" and "No way!"

    When you finally find someone who you manage to have a really good conversation with and you’re not even drunk yet

    When it's time for a toast and everyone rounds up their totally epic, amazing and awesome year

    When you mentally slap your self and actually consider all the good to be grateful for in your own life this past year

    When the party’s winding down, you’ve had a drink, or three, and someone finally asks how you’re really doing

    And finally, when you’re about to head out and someone reminds you that you’ve got two more holiday parties to attend to…this week alone…

    But then you realize, at the end of the day, small talk is a small price to pay for free food and drinks after all!

    Happy holidays!