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    17 Times People Texted The Wrong Number And Immediately Regretted It

    Everyone's done it at least once, right? Right...?

    At one point or another, most of us have probably mistakenly texted a wrong number. But not like these poor souls...

    1. Like this student who loves to read:


    2. Or Ron's friend who wasn't there during his time of need:

    This is the best wrong number text I’ve ever got. I kind of regret for cutting it down so quickly.

    3. Oh, and there's this hookup attempt that ended right at the pick-up:

    This wrong number is definitely trying to hook up with me, please advise.

    Yikes, right? Well, it only gets worse.

    4. What about this guy who just needed something special on the DL?

    5. Or when you're mourning but your coworker just wants to chat about The Bachelor:

    so my grandma passed away and my brother gets these texts from his coworker 😂😂😂😂 #bachelor #bachelornation #thebachelorabc #wrongnumber @BachelorABC

    6. And this very excited friend checking in:

    i will never delete this wrong number text from Daneen

    7. And here's Emma who we guess is a hairstylist now by default:

    Just got this text asking for a haircut. I'm not a hairdresser. And more importantly I'm not sure this person has really grasped the concept of a wrong number...

    These all have BBE (Big Boomer Energy).

    8. Except maybe this one where a bro kissed and told the wrong person:

    My dude here just got a wrong number at the bar 😂🤣😂 It looks like he was creeping too. SMH

    9. And this wrestling fan who just wanted to make a friend:

    10. Then there's this kid on a steady Lego diet:

    This wrong number text my sister received has me fckn dying. This kid is going to be, literally, shitting bricks. Just mini plastic ones.

    11. And this one ~LIT~ improv class group chat:

    Imagine getting this as a wrong number text

    And, of course, there's nothing like getting the hot goss on literal strangers.

    12. Like Monique who just wanted the tea on Joyce’s dude:

    Sorry Monique... wrong number 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    13. Or this, uh... confusing, family ~affair~:

    When my cousin tried to message me happy birthday and this is the reply she got when it was my wrong number 😂😭

    14. Then there's this person who made a plate for their "bizkit" and wouldn't take no for an answer:

    Sometimes, texting the wrong person can get you into some sticky situations.

    15. Like when Aunt Marsha left a voicemail and turned out not to be Aunt Marsha:

    So I texted my aunt and I had the wrong number in my phone. Y’all, PLEASE listen to the voicemail this lady left me 💀

    16. Or you could get someone else in trouble like when this daughter just needed shorts for her game:

    Got a text from a wrong number 😆 #SpiderMan

    17. And finally – the cringiest of the cringe – this student in full-blown panic-mode after talking shit about her teacher... to her teacher:

    the fact that i accidentally sent my teacher texts talking shit about her when i meant to send them to one of my friends earlier. and i sent it to her while she was giving a speech to the class 😭 i am still embarrassed. literally the most embarrassing moment of my life 😭😭

    What are some of your funniest, cringiest, and/or downright mortifying wrong number stories? Let us know in the comments below! 👇