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    12 Reasons Why The Signs Can't RSVP To Your Party

    [This is for the Editorial Fellowship] Featuring: everyone's faves as their actual signs.

    Aries has a daily workout session they can't miss.

    Taurus will be way too comfy at home to get dressed up.

    Gemini just found the time to edit their vlog from their last party.

    Cancer has to prep and cook for their huge family reunion.

    Leo has to spend a full day to choose the perfect New Year's Eve dress.

    Virgo will be too busy planning their other holiday party.

    Libra has a shopping appointment blocked off those times already.

    Scorpio already has three dates back to back that day.

    Sagittarius will be too busy celebrating their birthday for the third time this month.

    Capricorn has to finish logging their end-of-year budget and expenses spreadsheet.

    Aquarius will get into a philosophical argument with a customer.

    Pisces will be too drunk to remember that they RSVP'd in the first place.