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    • Hitch42

      How is the correct bra size going to solve the issue of swimsuits not being made for bigger boobs, or of boob sweat (!!), or of needing more support, or of needing to readjust? Having the correct bra size can help with some of those things, but it won’t fix the problem completely. And in many cases, the correct size isn’t even available, or is cost-prohibitive.  Getting the right size for one’s boobs often means getting the wrong size for every other part of one’s body.  But in all seriousness, if there is a bra size hack to prevent boob sweat, let me know. The world needs to hear it.

    • Hitch42

      I can see your point, because I grew up in a culture that placed value on modesty. However, just as you feel better about yourself when you dress modestly, I feel better about myself when I feel attractive. I’ve always been busty, and wearing a low-cut shirt just flat out looks better to me. Beside that, you have to realize that clothing that is made for smaller sizes and upsized may look much more “immodest” on a girl like me, because I have the same amount of fabric to cover twice the boobage. I’ve had my mom tugging at my tops for years; I had a boyfriend whose stepmom tearily told him that my shirts were too low, and she told another person that once she had to *physically* put me back in my shirt once (which is complete and utter bullshit). I prefer to be a part of the culture that embraces my bustiness for what it is rather than telling me that my boobs are just another disgusting roll of fat to be hidden under a shapeless top. I am proud of my curves now. I wish that I could have been allowed to be proud of them when I was a teen instead of being shamed for them.  It wasn’t about sexuality. It might be now (just a little) but then it was about the struggle to be accepted as more than the short fat girl with boobs. Anyway, I find it cute to see a girl with tiny boobs telling me to put a lid on mine.

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