Which TV Show Has The Oldest "Teenagers"?

The average actor playing a teen role on TV is about 24 — but some shows have more age-appropriate casts than others.

The “teenagers” on teen TV shows have long been far out of their high school years, but some shows have less age-appropriate casts than others. BuzzFeed looked at five teen dramas to find out which one had the highest average age of actors playing teens. Below, from oldest to youngest.

2. Glee: 26.38

Oldest actor in a major teen role: Cory Monteith, Mark Salling, and Harry Shum, Jr., all 30
Youngest: Chris Colfer, 22

3. Pretty Little Liars: 24.36

Oldest: Tammin Sursok, 29
Youngest: Sasha Pieterse, 17

4. Teen Wolf: 24.14

Oldest: Crystal Reed, 28
Youngest: Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Posey, 21

5. The Secret Life of the American Teenager: 23.2

Oldest: Megan Park and Brando Eaton, 28
Youngest: India Eisley, 19

6. The Carrie Diaries: 21.33

Oldest: Ellen Wong, 28
Youngest: Stefania Owen, 15

7. And the average of all the above: 24.25

The average actor playing a teen on the shows BuzzFeed looked at is over four years out of his or her actual teenage years. Just one of the many ways shows about high school may not reflect reality.

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